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KEF Ceiling Speakers are a great way to enjoy true, Hi-Fi quality sound, discretely, in every room in the home.

Integrating high-quality loudspeakers, discreetly in the home, has always been a challenge. For those situations where “heard and not seen” is the mantra, KEF Ceiling Speakers are a superb choice.

Fusing true Hi-Fi reproduction with a discrete aesthetic, KEF Ceiling Speakers are worthy of closer examination…

KEF Ceiling Speakers ci160csds

KEF Ceiling Speakers

Before we begin, cast aside any preconceptions regarding in-ceiling speakers; if your experience has been based upon tinny piped muzak in service stations and fast food restaurants. KEF Ceiling Speakers will surprise you.

There are few loudspeaker brands as prestigious, as established, or respected as KEF; the KEF Ci range of ceiling speakers have been designed with the same technology and know-how as the rest of KEF’s well-respected range of Hi-Fi speakers.

A comprehensive range of KEF Ceiling Speakers is available, which suit the varied requirements of a potential user; these include single space, Stereo units with twin tweeters which are ideal for a stereo image where space is restricted.

A comprehensive range of KEF Ceiling Speakers is available, but for the purposes of today’s Audio Affair Blog, we’re going to shine the spotlight on our most popular and best-selling models.

KEF CR Ceiling Speakers

CR series Kef Ceiling Speakers utilise a relatively conventional, two-way configuration with a separate tweeter and woofer. As you would expect from KEF, however, KEF’s design know-how brings out the very best from this design of loudspeaker.

The CR series utilise KEF’s “asymmetrical tweeter island”, that is to say, that the tweeter is mounted on a unique, oval-shaped mounting platform, at the centre of the woofer cone.

The advantage of this configuration is that it translates to sound dispersion which is highly uniform wherever the listener is stood in the room; highly important in an environment where there frequently isn’t a clearly defined “listening position”.

KEF Ceiling Speakers Ci 200CR

The KEF Ci130CR (£129.95) is a 5.25″ loudspeaker with a frequency response of 52Hz to 20kHz. Ideal anywhere good quality ambient sound is required, a power handling of 10-80w ensures an easy pairing for most amplifiers.

The KEF Ci160CR (£159.95) offers a larger, 6.5″ woofer, however, the mounting depth remains a shallow 3.36″ Specifications are much the same as for the Ci130CR, but with a higher power handling figure (100w)

The KEF Ci200CR (£219) ups the game further, with a sizeable 8″ woofer which gives predictable benefits in extended low-frequency extension (45Hz) and power handling (120W)

KEF QR Ceiling Speakers

KEF’s QR Series Ceiling Speakers feature KEF’s signature ‘Uni Q” driver arrangement, which has become famed and prized, for its ability to offer true “point source” audio and incredible realism and purity of reproduction.

Now, that signature Uni Q technology is available for the installation market, with the QR range of KEF Ceiling Speakers. Enjoy superb stereo imaging, anywhere in the room, thanks to the Uni Q driver array.

KEF Ceiling Speakers ci200q

The KEF Ci 130QR (£169.99) is the ‘baby’ of the QR Range, at 5.25″ in diameter. Take due note though, that the frequency response and power handling exceed that of the largest model in the CR range!

KEF’s Ci 160QR (£219) represents the middle ground of the QR Range, with a 125w power handling and a deep and wide frequency response of 38Hz – 34kHz. A superb all-rounder.

Topping the range, the KEF Ci 200QR (£299) is the speaker to choose when a big, full-bodied sound is required in a discrete environment. 150w power handling, a high sensitivity of 90db, and a wide frequency response of 35Hz-34kHz ensures these speakers will sound much bigger than their physical presence.

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