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Jeff Rowland’s incredible range of hi-fi separates are the manifestation of the company’s years of dedication to ultimately perfect their craft. Precision engineered and following a consistent industrial style throughout the range, Jeff Rowlands power amps, integrated amps, pre-amps and DAC represent the zeitgeist of technological innovation. Spectacularly high end, these handsome components are immediately alluring, and offer a sound reproduction that is just as enticing.

Jeff Rowland Continuum S2

Jeff Rowland’s History

The Jeff Rowland Design Group was founded in the US in the early 1990’s, where from the onset, headed off on the route of cutting-edge technologies and innovative audio engineering. As one of the first hi-fi companies to incorporate class D amplification, Jeff Rowland quickly built a revered reputation for luxury components. Beautifully crafted electronics are the trademark of Jeff Rowland, with their units showcasing the passion and dedication in ensuring that the internal design mirrors the outward charm. For this reason, their current models reflect the shiny aluminium looks that are signature to the brand, crafted using aircraft grade material, these components are the definition of eloquence.

jeff rowland model 525 stereo power_amplifier

Stereo Power Amplifiers

At Audio Affair, we supply a range of Jeff Rowland’s stereo power amplifiers which begin with the entry-level Model 125 and finish with the absolutely commanding flagship Model 825. The striking aesthetics are consistent throughout the amplifier range, with the ultra-sleek corrugated aircraft grade aluminium making an appearance on all models which also includes the Model 525, Model 535 and Model 625S2.

In regards to specs that remained unchanged throughout the range of stereo power amps, Jeff Rowland employ a highly efficient design, balanced transformer coupled input circuitry, precision engineered active and passive surface mount components and active power correction. Retrospectively, as you go up throughout the range, the amps become more powerful with the 125 rating 125 watts , 525- 250 watts, 535 – 500 watts in bridged mode, 625s2 – 300 watts, and the 825 a massive 400 watts per channel.

jeff rowland model 825

Both the Model 125 and Model 535 display bridging capabilities to power a sophisticated, or more complex AV or stereo system. Jeff Rowland’s ultra-low noise, low distortion abilities are down to the balance topology, which provides exceptional resistance against RFI and EMI. All models breathe new life into your speakers, with a gorgeous sound defined by musical details and convincing realism and dynamics. However the flagship Model 825 leaves us speechless, performing on an incredibly open and spacious soundstage that reproduces every instrument and vocal with un-quivering authority.


Jeff Rowland addresses the essential needs of any hi-fi system, with high quality components to be used in conjunction with each other, a turntable, CD player and pair of loudspeakers. For pre-amplification, Jeff Rowland provides the transformer-coupled Capri s2 and Corus. Two models which yield extreme capabilities for materialising every note and musical nuance throughout the entire frequency range.

The Capris S2 is the more affordable model, with a frequency response of 10Hz – 350kHz and a driving power of 80hms unbalanced/40 ohms balanced, enough to handle any amp. This model is enhanced with a transformer coupled input/output making it compatible with virtually any component and delivers a noise free performance for use with a turntable or digital device.

jeff rowland corus preamplifier_front

Jeff Rowland’s ultimate pre-amp is the Corus, a beefy amplifier that delivers a phenomenal sonic with virtually no noise, interference and with incredible levels of transparency. For the ultimate pre-aplificaation, the Corus uses a state of the art switch mode AC power supply which is functionally isolated in an energy efficient design. For a beautifully three-dimensional soundstage, the Corus is an a remarkable performer.

Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 Integrated Amplifier

Integrated Amplifier

The Continuum S2 integrated amp is the brand’s 4th generation of solid-state amplification. Maintaining the same look seen a cross the line, the Continuum S2 also uses the same pre-amp circuitry as the Capri S2. It’s the smallest integrated amplifier Jeff Rowland do, and is finely kitted out with balanced and unbalanced inputs and line-level outputs, and a pre-amp bypass connection. It happily reproduces musical pieces with sweetness and a great sense of rhythm.

Jeff Rowland AERIS DAC


All embracing both the digital and analog worlds id Jeff Rowland’s 24-bit Aeris DAC. Operation is easy as can be with the Aeris’ plug and feature which allows a simple step solution to connecting to your PC’s or Macs. For your added convenience, the USB interface allows a driver-less operation. All left and right inputs, the DAC converter and processing circuits are individually isolated for the lowest noise and impedance. As a collaborative project with Holm Acoustics, the Aeris combines the expertise of both brands and the result is immense.

Jeff Rowland provide the essentials for not just a great, but outstanding high end hi-fi system. To explore the range further, you can look over at our main website or visit the Jeff Rowland website.

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