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JBL’s current speaker arrangements represent the complexities of professional listening whilst some are a charming tribute to some of the most famous models of the last century. Representing over 70 years of iconic sound, JBL’s loudspeaker catalog captures the current trend for vintage looks, studio-quality and unforgettable sound whilst accommodating the essentials for modern music demands.

JBL S4700

JBL History

JBL has been a brand on the lips of music enthusiasts across the world for many years due to their variety of friendly and accessible speakers. JBL’s entry into the high-fidelity market began in 1946, when audio consumption was at its very inception, with the theatre being one of the only modes of accessing music. It wasn’t until the 50’s and 60’s that loudspeakers found there way into the home, and JBL were a major contributor to this movement.

By the 1970’s JBL had built a huge reputation, with their speakers being used throughout festivals, famously Woodstock in 1969. It was this decade that the famous L-100 model was launched. As speaker systems grew to become a household name for the rest of the century, JBL’s loudspeakers did too. Throughout the dawn of the millennium until the present day JBL have took music listening to modern new heights, adapting with the technological advancements with a variety of portable and wireless speakers and headphones. Today, alongside there ultra-high performance speakers made for the pro-experience at home, JBL revisit their well accomplished speakers from the 1970’s as a playful and charming rendezvous for present-day hi-fi listening.

L-100 and L-82

JBL’s L-100 and L-82 bookshelf speakers playfully reinvent the core design elements of the L100, one of the most acclaimed models of 70’s hifi. Immediately eye-catching, the boxy design is fish out of water in a market saturated with ultra-slim, streamlined speakers for contemporary listening. Both models are beautifully crafted using genuine walnut veneer, cabinet which is met with a vibrant Quadrex foam grille to cover the cream driver which you can customise in orange, blue or black.

JBL L100 Classic Speakers (Pair)

Despite the vintage looks, the JBL-100 and L-82 are exceptionally present, giving you that live music experience from the comfort of your own home. L82 is 2-way, and it’s bigger brother features a 3-way design, both utilising pulp cone woofer and titanium dome tweeter whilst the L-100 benefits from an engaging midrange driver. Both models feature an L-Pad Attenuator which allows the user to tailor the sound to their preference. We’re impressed by both models sense of space, dynamic range and convincing realism. For a concert-like experience in the comfort of your own home, the JBL-100 is the way to go.

Synthesis Series

Designed to deliver professional studio sound at home, the high-end Synthesis series takes listening to a new level with a range of stylish, contemporary speakers made for an unrivaled sonic performance. Audio Affair represents two floorstanders in the range – the S3900 and S4700, sophisticated performers that boast trickle down technology from the seriously complex K2S9900 speaker and deliver an ultra-realistic HD listening experience.

JBL S900

For a premium home cinema or surround system, these mighty tower speakers deliver massive bass from massive woofers. Mid to higher frequencies are handled by a dual titanium diaphragm which utilised the patented Sonoglass Bi-Radial horn which can reproduce extreme highs with amazing clarity whilst lowering distortion. Lower frequencies are extended greatly and the scale of these speakers is impressive thanks to their large dimensions. Bi-wiring capabilities allow your speakers to reach the optimal sound quality, aided by rear-firing ports that produce a dramatic, room-shaking bass response. For a premium setup, the S4700 can be configured as an LCR loudspeaker in a JBL Synthesis multi-channel home cinema setup, or for high-performance stereo system.

JBL 4306 and 4312G

Bringing the incomparably awesome JBL sound to bookshelf form is the 4306 and 4312G speakers. JBL’s high end Sonoglass waveguide technology is adopted by the 4312G bookshelf speaker for the high frequencies to produce the top notes with mind-blowing realism. Benefiting from a tri-way design, the 4312G features a 5″ midrange drive and 2″ woofer for a powerful, defined bass performance and superb accuracy. Based on some of the legendary 4300 models from JBL, this speaker sets new standards for what can be achieved from monitor units.

JBL 4306 Speakers (Pair)

The 4306 bookshelf speaker features a more classic design in comparison to the blacked out 4312G, with a walnut veneer cabinet offering a polite hark to the iconic JBL speakers from the past 70 years. Seamlessly blending into any interior space, the 4306 is subtle, but not shy. An 8″ woofer and 2 inch mid/high frequency driver reproduces music with absolute precision, realism and transparency. Distinctly JBL, these compact speakers offer nothing but quality for your home hi-fi setups.

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