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IsoTek’s power conditioning products are the one stop solution for an upgraded system that benefits from a clean, noise-free, smart power supply. The award-winning company are on a pursuit for the best sounding hi-fi or AV system by targeting noise, graininess and interference in the power obtained form your plug sockets before it reaches your components. The result? A massive different in sound quality, with greater transparency, improved clarity and resolution.

IsoTek Corvus

IsoTek’s Power Products

IsoTek’s power conditioning products work by treating the AC power at the wall sock by filtering out any detrimental effects caused be electronic noise. Every system starts with mains supply, but with an increasing demand on power supply due to the ever growing amount of electronics we have in the home, the mains quality can quickly become defected.

IsoTek’s product focus on reducing contamination such as hums, buzzes and graininess in the power supply which can be introduced by differential mode noise or common mode noise. In order to maximise your audio and visual entertainment, IsoTek’s products tackle noise pollution created from electronic equipment and RFI and wireless devices.

Mains Filtering vs Mains Regeneration

The aim is the same with both modes striving to improve the mains supply that feeds your system. Unlike mains regeneration which works by completely regenerating poor AC power, converting into DC and then feeding it back into purified, clean sine wave power, mains filtering (or power conditioning) is more of a surface level solution. It successfully removes unwanted noise from the mains by impeding the flow of electricity which allows only the filtered noise free signal reach your components. However if the power supply’s impedance isn’t low enough, and it doesn’t recharge fast enough it can cause sagging voltage which can degrade audio quality.

IsoTek Evo3 Gemini 2-Way Mains Block

Discovery Range

The Discovery range consists of IsoTek’s Evo3 Isoplug, Evo3 Gemini 2-way mains block, Evo 3 Polaris 6-way mains block, Evo3 Corvus and Evo3 Mini Mara mains conditioners. For an affordable introduction to mains conditioning, the Discovery range is a good place to start. The IsoPlug can be simply plugged in next to devices to reduce mains noise, and more plugs increase the effectiveness. The mains blocks with OFC copper wiring and PTFE dielectric provide a safe place to plug in multiple devices. For protecting AV systems, IsoTek’s mains conditioners utilise a triple resonance filter for flatscreen TV’s.

IsoTek Evo3 Aquarius Mains Conditioner

Performance Range

EVO3 Aquarius and EVO3 Syncro Uni mains conditioner, and EVO3 Sirius 6 way mains block are part of IsoTek’s Performance range which offer a significant improvement in sound quality when compared to the aforementioned range. The Syncro Uni uses IsoTek’s Virtual Air Dielectric technology and can be used in combination with any other IsoTek power device. For improved sound and picture quality, the Aquarius uses sequential protection system and individually isolated outlets which helps reduce differential mode cross-contamination caused by connected devices.

isoTek Evo3 Sigmas 6 Socket Mains Conditioner

Select Range

In a quest for the best audio and picture quality possible, IsoTek’s multi-award-winning Select range of components utilise exclusive technologies for a cleanly powered system. The Evo3 Sigmas, Evo3 Titan and Evo3 Nova are mains conditioners that benefit from the Titan Direct Coupled technology for high current, low impedance noise free power. With dedicated high current outlets, these models are suitable for use with  power amps, subwoofers and active loudspeakers.

IsoTek Evo3 Mosaic Genesis Hybrid Mains Conditioner

Mosaic Range

Representing noteworthy progression in design, IsoTek’s Mosaic Genesis Hybrid, Titan One, and Nova One mains conditioners are part of the Mosaic range of compact mains filtering systems. Measuring just half a width, this series offer a more elegant solution to power cleaning. The Titan One works especially well at improving high-current components, whilst the Nova One features a unique filtering circuit that excels in high-frequency filtering. The Mosaic Genesis Hybrid combines full sine wave generation, and Direct Coupling circuitry for a powerful performance.  All models can be used together for an ultimate performance.

IsoTek Evo3 Super Titan Mains Power Conditioner

Ultimate Range

As the ultimate expression of IsoTek’s mains conditioning know how is the Ultimate range which unleashes the Evo3 Genesis and Super Titan mains power conditioners. Super Titan is the world’s most powerful mains power conditioner, capable of running a maximum of 32A and making use of Titan Direct Coupling technology. Genesis boasts the title of worlds first multiple mains generator with unique sine wave. With the sine wave generators, it is specially to bring clean power to front end components. IsoTek’s most cutting edge designs, kitted out with groundbreaking technology can completely revive any hi-fi or av components, allowing to unleash the true musical potential of your kit.

For a further look at IsoTek’s other mains conditioning products including their mains cables, head over to their website.

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