Posted on Wed, 08 Nov, 2017
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Innuos Zen Mini MKII is a great value, high-quality music server solution with CD Ripping facilities.

The increasing interest in “cloud-based music” solutions has driven the market for hardware-based, digital, music playback solutions. British based specialists, Innuos, join the fray with their superb Innuos Zen Mini MKII.

Let’s take a look at what makes the Zen Mini MkII a valuable addition to the marketplace…

Innuos Zen Mini MKII Let’s your CDs live again

As music streaming and digital downloads have become the norm, many of us have banished our CD collection to cardboard boxes, stored away in the garage or the loft. Wouldn’t it be great to liberate the music stored on those CD’s and bring them back into your life again?

Innuos Zen Mini MKII front

An integrated CD ripper and music server is an excellent way to bring your CD-based music collection back to life, whilst also enjoying the convenience of a dedicated music server and music streaming services.

The Innuos Zen Mini MKIIĀ represents Innuos’ entry-level NAS music server and is a greatĀ solution for storing, managing and playing your CD collection and all those music files lying on your computer you’ve forgotten about

Affordable Quality

The Innuos Zen Mini MKII may be Innuos’ “Entry Level” machine, but that doesn’t mean the quality or performance is “entry level”. A stylish, minimalist CNC-machined aluminium fascia and metal chassis ooze quality.

Innuos have gone to lengths to ensure the Innuos Zen Mini MKII operates silently and unobtrusively. Utilising fanless electronics, coupled to a “Quiet Ripping” option mode, allows the Zen Mini to operate unobtrusively, allowing you to enjoy your music without interruption.

A quad-core Intel CPU with 2Gb of RAM enables the Zen Mini with huge processing power for a unit of this type. CD Ripping and processing is therefore carried out quickly and efficiently.

InnuOS Media Streaming and Management

The InnuOS operating system allows complete Music Library management via Innuos’ own app, using a tablet or smartphone. Manage your media library, Rip CDs, import music, edit album data (including covers) and back up your music library with ease; all from the InnuOS app, which works independently from a PC or Mac computer.


Innuos have taken the decision not to include a DAC as part of the spec of the Innuos ZEN Mini MkII, instead offering support for an external DAC via the rear USB ports. This allows the customer to upgrade their DAC as budget permits, whilst still retaining their NAS music server. Sample rates up to 384kHz and DSD 128 are supported, as are bit depths up to 32 bits, providing a suitable DAC converter is connected.

The Innuos Zen Mini MKII support a range of popular streaming services such as Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal. It also supports media streaming to an array of popular music streaming devices via its own UPnP server. Enjoy connection with devices manufactured by Naim, Linn, Denon, Sonos and many more…

Innuos Zen Mini MKII rear

The heart of your modern music system

In summary, then, The Innuos Zen Mini MKII represents a simple, well designed and high-quality music server/streaming solution for those who like to keep their computer in the office and not in the listening room.

Enjoy fully connected and integrated digital music ripping and streaming in a stylish, compact package without complication. The Innuos Zen Mini MKII has much to offer the 21st Century Audiophile.

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