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Immerse yourself in World Cup Russia 2018!


So you may have the HD TV, food and drinks ready for Russia 2018 however – have you got the sound? The answer is probably no! You need to Immerse yourself in World Cup Russia 2018!

Modern sound on TV’s is pretty poor and while watching a footy match may not be the same as the newest action movie the level of immersion you feel can be. We have created this mini blog to help you choose from what we consider the best available. Enjoy!

The simple option: 

So you need something simple, no wires, aerials,bass bins etc – something which will be ergonomic, easy to live with and will not  break the bank. A compromise not of sound but of space to size.

Roth Audio SUB ZERO III (Mk3) Soundbar £139.00

Entry level goodness from one of the biggest names in the budget but  still “HI-FI” world, designed to be affordable, quality and augment  you TV’s performance – it is great for vocals as well. The Sub Zero is easy to setup, small and mountable so will not be to intrusive! The unit also has HDMI inputs which at this level is almost unheard of, making it even easier to plug in your TV, games consoles and sky.

Ruark MR1 MkII Active Speakers (Pair) £329.00 


Yes not a “traditional sound bar” however often our customers need something that will do 2 channel listening also, the MR1 ticks that box and looks fantastic also. Featuring APTX bluetooth you can stream from smart devices and the whole family can enjoy! Build quality also is second to none, so if you are looking for a two channel speaker for music but need it to perform for the TV as well grab an optical cable and plug and play!


The dedicated option: 

So you are looking to get a little more serious, spend a little more, get a substantial performance upgrade? You would not be alone – as TV’s get more and more smart for some they are becoming the hub or brain of you AV world, be that Netflix, Youtube or in this instance Word Cup Russia 2018

Dali Kubik One Soundbar £799.00 

DALI loudspeakers, they have been making them for a while, real high end kit –  if you are an “audiophile” then you are probably aware some of the best drivers in the world are made in Denmark! DALI have taken this ethos and created this soundbar to their exacting specifications – at home with music as much as movies and TV content the Kubik covers all basis well.  Excellent build quality and simple aesthetics means it will fit well within most living rooms, what is more you can wall mount and order a different grill finish to match you requirements – check these out here

Yamaha RX-A680 Aventage AV Receiver + Q Acoustics 3000 Series 5.1 Cinema Pack

Our first “true” home cinema package, I.E, separate speakers and amplifier. This pairing includes the world renowned and award winning Q3000 5.1 package for the sound and the brand spanking new Yamaha 680 AV receiver on amplification – both of these products are not new to market, what I mean by that is they have predecessors such as the Q2000 speaker package and the 670 receiver – this lineage means you are getting all the expertise and knowledge but with all the modern features you will need. While the world cup is on we would be happy to include you free speaker  cables  (until 16 July 2018) to get this all setup and all the assistance you need thereafter!

The “lets go all out” option:

ATC C1 5.1 Speaker Package + Anthem MRX 720 AV Receiver £6594.00

ATC make their own transducers (drive units) that is pretty big for a speaker company – a lot outsource. What this gives them is absolute control to ensure the speaker performs to its optimum, that control gives a natural, neutral yet musical experience. This is important, do you know what a Jet engine flying across your living room sounds like, probably not – do you know what cello sounds like? I image so. ATC loudspeakers are designed to give a “real” response there for you can be comfortable in knowing what a Boeing 747 would sound like across your living room (as if he cello is right the jet is also!) without having to charter one and destroy your home! The Anthem 720 is a solid, reliable and powerhouse, it does all the decoding you need but it also sounds like a proper amp. As you move higher in spec and pricing the ability  to tune the system opens up, Anthem use “ARC” which allows you to manually (or us, as we will set them up for you) adjust the response on the amplifier in relation to your speaker – sounds complex however it basically means optimum performance, optimum immersion (We can do this for you : ) just ask)

Arcam AVR850 AV Receiver + Arcam FMJ P349 3 Channel Power Amplifier + KEF R900 5.1 Speaker Package + R50 for Atmos £15,830.00

An absolute reference – everything is taken in to account, decoding, ample power, Atmos etc.  The only thing I would add is another subwoofer, not so much for more boom jut better control over just having one. If you are serious about cinema then this system will not fail to disappoint, quality is everything, compromise is not an option, yes lets of cables, yes large speakers, yes two large heavy amplifiers but there is no way around it if you want the ultimate immersive experience. Overkill for 90 minutes and England loosing the world cup…? Well maybe – however think of the fun you could have with this system afterwards! If the pricing seems a little heady do not woryy we can offer you 0% fiance with custom terms for you – all you need to do is ask.

Wishing you all a great time over the world cup whatever you are doing and best of luck to your team if you support!


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