Posted on Thu, 11 Jun, 2015
Posted by Peter

The ProJect Elemental Turntable and Yamaha NX50 Speaker package is the simplest vinyl package we’ve ever launched. If you want an easy to use vinyl solution that isn’t going to break the bank or take up valuable living space, then this little combination is the perfect solution.

The entry level ProJect Elemental USB Turntable is easy to use, easy to set up, and is a great first step in the world of vinyl. Unlike complex (and more expensive) turntables, there isn’t a great deal to go wrong – there aren’t too many variables to get right either!

Likewise, the Yamaha NX50 Desktop Speakers are plug and play. Any device with a 3.5mm audio port can be playing you’re music straight out of the box. They’ve been hugely popular for the home and office, which is why we’ve added them to the ProJect for this brilliant little package.

ProJect Elemental and Yamaha NX50

To prove the point, here’s how you can get set up with listening to vinyl in just 6 simple steps…

Step 1 – Get your cables ready!


Because the ProJect Elemental has a built in phono stage (or preamplifier), it doesn’t need a separate phono stage. Similarly, the Yamaha NX50 speakers are active speakers (powered), so they have their own on-board amplifiers. This means you can plug the ProJect Elemental straight into the speakers without going via any other boxes!

The ProJect Elemental comes with the RCA interconnect cables and a 3.5mm Stereo Male to Dual RCA Female Adapter

Step 2 – Connect the RCA plugs into the turntable


Step 3 -Plug the phono (RCA) leads into the Dual RCA Female Adapter


Step 4 – Plug the Dual RCA Adapter into the back of the Yamaha NX50 Speakers


Step 5 – Connect the Yamaha NX50 Speakers together


Step 6 – Choose some vinyl and start playing!

This photo shows the system from the rear, with all of the connections visible. As you can see, it’s really rather simple. Once you’re connected and the power is on, simply power up the ProJect and the Yamaha Speakers and you’re good to go. Happy listening!


Here’s a run down of the connections we’ve used to get the system playing vinyl:

– ProJect Elemental connected to power socket

– ProJect Elemental connected to Yamaha NX50 via RCA Cables using RCA to 3.5mm adapter

– Yamaha NX50 Speaker connected to Yamaha NX50 Speaker

– Yamaha NX50 Speaker connected to power socket

If this blog has got you in the mood to purchase, then you can buy yours by clicking here

NX50 Vinyl Package


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