Posted on Fri, 15 Jan, 2016
Posted by Peter

We made some updates to our headphones bar, with the addition of several new headphones models and a change around to represent the finest selection of headphones we sell.


Our current headphones bar features key models from Sennheiser, HiFi Man, Oppo and Grado (with Abyss and a few others on demo upstairs), but remember that this by no means represents our full headphones range – we have many other Sennheiser models in stock along with the full range of Grado headphones.


The selection featured though represents what we feel are the finest and most competitive models on the market currently, in one place where you can take your time and audition them to your hearts content, with a selection of music sources including Tidal, Spotify, high res tracks stored on our NAS drive, CD or vinyl, from a comfy chair, with a good supply of tea and coffee!



The latest Sennheiser HD800S model is shown here, alongside original HD800 and HD700 (at time of writing our first shipment of HD800S is sold out and we’re waiting for more stock but we do have a single demo pair in stock on our demo pair as seen here that we can’t sell). Of course we also have the matching HDVD800 headphone amp and DAC on demo with a choice of 6.3mm or balanced cables.

UV3A0224 UV3A0223

As well as the flagship Sennheiser models, we also have the full -and latest- Momentum 2.0 range on demo and in stock – this includes “on ear” and “over ear” wired models as well as the “over ear” wireless Bluetooth model (you can also see the superb 630VB headphones in the corner of the photo below). We keep the Apple version of the Momentum headphones on demo but we also keep Android versions in stock. We also keep many other models from the full Sennheiser range in stock (please call before visiting to ensure they’re ready and save you waiting for us to unbox them).

UV3A0212  UV3A0192

The entire HiFi Man range of headphones is on demo, and spans from the £219 HE-400S to teh £2199 HD-1000 model. We also keep the superb HiFi Man HM901S high res portable music player on demo along with some others like the Colorfly C4 and Acoustic Research AR M2.

UV3A0203 UV3A0206

UV3A0221 UV3A0219

Oppo is of course represented by their superb range of headphones, the PM-3 (shown here in black but also available in white, blue or red), the PM-2 and flagship PM-1 models. We also have the matching Oppo HA-1 headphone amplifier on demo.


The Grado headphones range is represented by the 2015 award winning SR325e headphones along with the beautiful updated version of the RS1e, now with matching headband.


UV3A0214 UV3A0215

As well as the “wood based” RS1e, the “metal based” flagship PS1000e and baby PS500e headphones also feature (with PS1000e being a regular contender in listening sessions with the flagship Sennheiser’s and HiFi Man HE-1000). At time of writing we also have a very few remaining pairs of the extremely limited edition “Brooklyn tree” GH-1 model still in stock!

UV3A0217 UV3A0216

KEF is also represented by the superb M400 headphones in this cool blue finish.

UV3A0213 UV3A0207

We pre-arrange lots of headphones listening sessions and showdowns at our headphones bar and have even had press and bloggers visit to experience this range of headphones, but we’ve never had quite as perfect selection of headphones as we have on demo right now – meaning that whether you’re in the mid or high end market, we should have the finest selection of hi-fi headphones in the midlands.

Contact us now to arrange a demo or pop in on the off chance the headphone bar is free for an impromptu listen – you can find our address and details here.

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