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Geneva Lab combine vintage looks, premium classy components and a sound quality that you will marvel at from room to room, this range of Bluetooth speakers embody the incredible quality of Swiss-engineering. Enveloped in eco-leather and available in a range of beautiful colour options to suit the listeners taste, Geneva’s wireless speakers are the perfect solution to stylish Bluetooth audio.

Geneva Lab Touring S red

History of the Brand

With a name that sounds like a company at the height of scientific research, it’s no surprise that Geneva Lab speakers are kitted out with cutting-edge technology. Geneva’s Bluetooth speakers take an ergonomic approach to music listening, with many of their models offering an full music systgem in one box. Their speakers strike a harmonious balance between usability and innovation, all whilst paying special attention to the design front. Geneva Lab’s speakers benefit from the same impeccable standards met by Swiss engineering. Not only are they attractive, but they-re precision engineered for the highest sound quality. They’re not hard to spot and their portability and retro aesthetic appeals to many modern music enthusiasts.

Touring Range

Geneva Lab Touring S DAB+ FM Bluetooth System

Geneva Touring S DAB+ FM Bluetooth System

This tiny speaker measures only 10cm high, and is the most perfectly portable and stylish speaker. The product of 12 years of audio engineering experience, the sound that the Touring S speaker produces defies it’s small dimensions. Capable of playing music up to 100db, the Touring S can get really loud. A  high quality beryllium driver powered by a top-class class D amplifier enables spectacular sound wherever you are. It really can accompany you anywhere, with Bluetooth 4.0 you can connect to any compatible device and enjoy music for hours on end with it’s fantastic 20 hour battery life. The signature look is the eco-leather finish, which you can customise in black, white, cognac and red.

Geneva Lab Touring M speaker

Geneva Touring M FM Bluetooth System

Slightly bigger than the Touring S, Geneva Lab Touring M showcases how easily high fidelity can be made portable. Utilising specially tuned drivers it provides incredibly detailed musicality and deeper bass. It’s super easy to connect to a Touring speaker, as the plug n play design means the speaker automatically connects to your Bluetooth device for fast and easy music streaming. Simply stunning, the Touring M looks good anywhere it’s placed, and with 30 hours of battery life you need not worry about running out of charge any time soon.

Geneva Lab Touring L

Geneva Lab Touring L DAB+ FM Bluetooth System

The Geneva Lab personality really came to light with the Touring speakers, and the L model is the ultimate expression of that. Built to move, the flagship Touring L takes on Bluetooth as well as FM/DAB+, opening up a world of music access with the plethora of radio stations you can tune in to. With Bluetooth technology you can stream from all the popular streaming champions; Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Napster etc. Spectacularly, the bass extends all the way to 60Hz and vocals ad dialogue sounds crystal clear. A massive 30 hours of battery life makes Touring L even more of a delight to live with. It’s difficult to find a worthy comparison that sounds equally as good as it looks. Touring L highlights the simple pleasure of wireless audio, and sounds so incredible it makes any room it plays in the hub of the home.

Acustica Lounge Range

Geneva Lab Lounge

Geneva Acustica Lounge Bluetooth Speaker

The Acustica Lounge is a shining example of impeccable Swiss-Engineering. This Bluetooth speaker is made for the home, it must be plugged in to a mains source at all times which makes it more of a permanent addition to your hi-fi system then just a regular Bluetooth speaker. Completely high-end, Geneva Lab have designed the Acustica to excel in sonic performance with a 4 inch woofer and 3/4 inch dome tweeter, all driven by a powerful class D amp. In the bass department, the Acustica Lounge performs well, reaching down to 50hz. This cube shaped speaker can even be played at loud volumes without distorting sound quality, which is great if you want an energetic listening session. Unassumingly, the Acustica Lounge sounds twice as loud as it looks, and is really an impressive performer when it’s played very loud. For connecting to other music sources, the Acustica Lounge also has an audio jack input, a USB port and most importantly can transform into a wireless multi-room speaker when plugging in a Google Chromecast dongle.

Geneva Lab lifestyle

Geneva Acustica Lounge Radio and Bluetooth Speaker

Both the Acustica Lounge and the radio version come in the same four stunning colours as the Touring speaker.  For connectivity, the Acustica Lounge with Radio Bluetooth speaker is kitted-out with the same specs as the model above and also features the same driver array. The Acustica models embody the vintage style Geneva Lab take on their Bluetooth speakers, which makes a beautiful contrast between old and new. With an inbuilt DAB+ /FM radio you can enjoy the same hi-fi sound but from your favourite radio stations and it’s so easy to set up too, with laser touch buttons and a large dial for controlling volume.

Since the Acustica is AC-powered, whilst it can be moved around it does make a great fixture for accessing music within your kitchen, lounge or bedroom. Even better, the Acustica has a alarm clock function which is ideal for waking you up in the mornings or assisting with cooking timings. Hand-crafted, and finished in the same staple eco-leather around the grilles, the Acustica brings sophistication, elegance and simplicity to hi-fi at home.

For more information on Geneva Lab’s Bluetooth speakers please see Geneva’s website and you can also read more, view pricing and order on our main website.

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