Posted on Wed, 14 Aug, 2019
Posted by Richard

You may have seen our blog for the Focal headphone promo, if not why not? Check out here. It seemed unfair that you could save ££ on the the headphones not the speakers considering it is their 40th Anniversary – so after much wrangling and begging from us dealers Focal have decided to offer a special on the Kanta 2! Focal’s constant strive for improvement has not been lost with the Kanta, following on from the such revered ranges as Utopia, Electra these – we are sure will delight you and now are even more attainable with The Focal Kanta 2 Promotion Save: 14%!

Focal Kanta 2 Promotion Save: 14%!

The Focal Kanta 2

Focal Kanta 2 Promotion Save: 14%!

Kanta No2 was created after three years of extensive research and development. With their new materials and effective and focused design that gives them their powerful identity, they come straight from Focal engineers’ hearts. These are designed not just to recreate the recording arts but to transfer you into the auditorium or studio seat giving you as close as possible reproduction across all aspects.

We do not want to bore you with too many tech specs but here is what we fell is most important:

– Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 91dB: While they are a larger 3 way floorstander at 91db  just about every amp should be possible.
– Recommended Amp Power: 40 – 300W: As above choose your weapon, most will be an excellent match but if you are unsure please ask! (Details below :))
– Freq Response (+/-3dB): 35Hz – 40kHz: They will recreate all spectrum of sounds, above and below the ability of human hearing – however at these frqunies the variation in air pressure we feel adds to the overall experience of a performance.

What’s on offer?

From now until the 31st of August 2019 you can save £1000.00 of the total RRP of Focal Kanta 2:

The figures

Standard RRP £6999.00

With any P/X speaker -£1000.00 

Revised RRP £5999.00 

What speakers are applicable?

Anything – we do not care if the drivers are dropping out, if you have listened to techno @ 11 on them for 20 years, makes no difference to us! We can arrange all logistics for you also please ask.

What If My Speakers Are Worth More Than The Offer?

Firstly – don’t panic, you friends at Audio Affair as per every other manufacturer promo we advertside will offer you an atracgtive price towards the Katna so you are not left out of pocked!

What are my payment options?

Along with the usual card, cash, bank transfer or PayPal we can also taloir a finance package for you, for example:

RRP £6999.00

Minus PX of “Gale Mini Monitor” -£1000.00 (Average sales price on this is £16.50 so 60 times their current value! )

Total £5999.00

Deposit £599.90 (10% minimum 50% maximum) 

Advance £5399.10

Over 36 months 0% £149.98 per month

(Credit subject to acceptance, T&C’s apply) 

This offer will be running until the 31st August 2019 and more details can be given either by phone on 0121 224 7300/7401 or send us a contact form here.  If you would like to hear a pair of Kanta 2 first then we have them permanent demonstration in our Birmingham store, please get in touch to book an appointment, we look forward to hearing from you.

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