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Focal Chora speakers have been perfectly designed to captivate listeners and bring sensational sonics to your home cinema system. This range consists of bookshelf speaker, two floorstanding speakers, floorstander with Dolby Atmos, centre speaker, surround speaker and subwoofer. Providing for the requirements of the modern hi-fi and AV consumer, this range makes high-fidelity highly accessible. This range is perfect for the budding audio enthusiast interested in a combination of both on-trend design and state-of-the-art technologies.

Focal Chora Range

Focal Chora Range

Focal’s Chora range is their latest entry level series of loudspeakers for home use. From the core, the speakers are designed with a beauty that is the signature signed to all Focal’s products. From the gorgeous wood cabinets, to the classic yet contemporary design coupled with use of advanced technologies; the Focal Chora speakers are a shining example of high quality design at an accessible price.

Appearing throughout the range is Focal’s exclusive Slatefibre cone woofers, developed especially for their exceptional damping properties, rigidity and lightness. This technology ensures a impeccably precise bass performance, and TNF Aluminium/Magnesium tweeter for silky smooth treble. Whether you are looking for a great pair of speakers to compliment your listening room or are looking to fully immerse in a surround sound system, the Chora range has you covered.

Focal Chora Range

Chora 806 Bookshelf Speakers

Chora’s 806 speakers are the entry level bookshelf model in the Chora range and provide a well received introduction to what you might expect from this series. Measuring just over 43cm tall they are perfect for smaller sized rooms. Their sleek design, which has been meticulously crafted in order to blend gracefully into any living environment is hand designed even at this level. With over 40 years of audio engineering, Focal have invested in state-of-the-art performance enhancing technologies to take their loudspeakers to the next level.

Of course, the 806 loudspeakers employs the exclusive Slatefibre cone, which not only looks stunning but makes for a very precise audio performance. These stand mounts speakers present a wide and realistic soundstage that expands beyond their compact dimensions. We would recommend these speakers for rooms sized up to 215ft where they can be place on their specifically designed stand for optimum sound imaging.

Focal Chora Range

Chora 816 and 826 Floorstanding Speakers

This exciting series consists of two floorstanding speakers for hi-fi listening; the flagship 826 model and the 816 loudspeakers. The Chora 826 floorstanders with bass-reflex design are the embodiment of luxury high-fidelity at fantastic value. These 3-way speakers stand gracefully in large rooms in premium dark wood, light wood and black finishes and are angled for superior imaging. From these speakers you can expect an incredibly articulated bass performance, and powerful, generous sound that fills even larger rooms.

The 2.5 way bass-reflex 816 speakers are an excellent choice for home cinema use and as with all the Chora speakers, is enhanced with Slatefibre cone drivers. This high-end range has been manufactured to the highest standards in Focal’s workshops in France, and the company keen eye for depth and detail are seen especially in the floorstanders with their time-aligned design and aerodynamic front ports. This particular model offers a perfectly balanced, harmonious sound production that suits rooms up to  323ft².

Focal Chora Black

Chora 826-D Floorstanding Speakers

Also joining Focal’s entry level speaker range is a floorstanding model focused more on AV entertainment. The 826-D model comes equipped with Dolby Atmos driver which heightens sound by firing it upwards to the ceiling and allowing it to reflect back down on to the listener. This directional sound reproduction provides a far more immersive and three-dimensional soundstage which makes these speakers perfect for bringing to life movie scenes and on screen action.

This technology also brings out all the emotion of movie soundtracks by isolating each musical detail with perfect clarity. For a home cinema system, the Chora 826-D speakers are the perfect choice, and can be configured with the other Chora models designed for home cinema use.Focal Chora Range

Home Cinema Setups

Alongside the Focal Chora speakers exceptional abilities in reproducing precise and dynamic sound for immersive listening sessions, they also make up an excellent multi-channel sound system when integrating the Chora Centre speaker, Surround speaker and Sub 600 P subwoofer. When pairing these additional speakers to the 826-D floorstander, you get an amazing home cinema system.

The Focal Chora centre speaker is central to your home cinema system, making sure that dialogue and voices are heard in crystal clear clarity with all the subtle nuances and details. This line of speakers work harmoniously together, the surround speaker ensures sound is enhanced and emphasised with dramatic realism from all sides whilst the Sub 600 P subwoofer completes your AV set up by stupendously powerful, rich and controlled bass. Explore this range from Focal now over on our main website.

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