Posted on Thu, 01 Aug, 2019
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There was a time where headphones were the poor cousin of the much adored loudspeaker, this seems to be no longer the case – thankfully. In reality as we start living closer together and houses become smaller in the mainstream it is inevitable that the speaker of yesteryear becomes more and more obsolete. Headphones are far more convenient and design (and price!) has come on leaps and bounds especially over the last decade. This brings us neatly to the “Focal Summer Promo 2019!” as afore mentioned while headphones get more and more expensive the chance to get a healthy discount should be shouted about.

Focal, a French brand have been producing products since the late 70’s (some could argue the golden era for Hi-Fidelity!) so they know a thing or two about sound, some of you may be familiar with their car loudspeakers – others with the fact they own a small 😉 Hi-Fi company somewhere in Salisbury!

Focal 40th Anniversary Promo 2019!

The 40th Anniversary Offer

Okay, so as you have probably gathered from the above this year Focal will celebrate their 40th anniversary – no mean feat in the audio world of ever evolving technologies. In honor of this we along with Focal UK distributor are offering  a very special trade in offer across the headphone Focal range! Running from the 1st Aug to 30th September you can save a substantial amount when trading up your current headphones:

The Figures

Elegia – Save £100.00 Making the Elegia £695.00
Elear £150.00 Making the Elear £745.00
Clear £200.00 Making the Clear £1099.00
Stellia £400.00 Making the Stellia £2395.00
Utopia £500.00 Making the Utopia £2995.00

What Headphones Are Applicable, What If My Headphones Are Worth More Than The Offer?

Really most headphones will be included if deemed of a good standard, I.E from Sennheiser, Focal, Bose, B&W and so on, even Beats….however we would not accept pound shop IEM’s or very, very cheap. The best way is to ask us directly and we can confirm within seconds and hey, if we cannot take them I am sure there will be away for us to make it so you do not miss out on the deal!

Some of you out there may have something worth more than the trade in allows, I.E you have HD800S and want Utopia – do not despair just get in touch on the details below and we can tailor a package for you.


So you want Utopia?

Focal Utopia £3495.00 RRP

Trade in Bose QC25 -£500.00 (Average second hand resale value on these would be £81.69 at time of writing this blog!!!) 

Net price £2995.00 

What is more we could put the above on tailored finance package for you which (subject to terms and acceptance) could look like this:

Total price £2995.00

Deposit £299.50 

Advance £2695.50

Over 24 Months 0% £112.31 per month 

How do I Take Advantage Of Focal 40th Anniversary Promo 2019!?

Do not delay – give us a call or email now on or 0121 224 7401/7300 and ask us for details! We are on hand to answer your questions and offer the best possible deals to get you that new shiny pair of Focal headphones.

Focal 40th Anniversary Promo 2019!

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