Posted on Fri, 18 Oct, 2019
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Devialet Phantom Reactor looks out of this world, literally. These futuristic looking speakers are small enough to fit practically anywhere. Based on the original Phantom, the Phantom Reactor’s new take on connectivity lets you be in more control than ever.

Earlier this month, Devialet unveiled a new matte black finish the Phantom Reactor catering to a wider range of interiors and personal tastes.

Devialet Phantom Reactor is now available in a new Matt Black finish

Devialet Phantom Reactor is now available in a new Matt Black finish

Devialet’s Vision

Founded in 2007, Devialet have been working meticulously in the endeavour to bring innovation and revolutionary design to the world of hifi. Fronting bold designs and over 100 patented technology, Devialet’s phantom range make your music sessions memorable.

The phantom reactor comes as the little brother to the Phantom, Devialet’s class leading innovative speakers. Designed with a smaller frame, super cute and with greater accessibility in mind. The Devialet Phantom Reactor comes in two options of 600w and 900w. For the small discrete nature of the Phantom Reactor, they surpass their compact dimensions.

Incomparably Unique Design

Probably not like any other speaker you’ve seen before, the Phantom Reactor range of speakers are incredibly unique. Much like the original Phantom, the Reactor has the same bold looks but is ultra compact. Beyond looking like an accessory a storm trooper might have if he was a hifi enthusiast, the reactor has a big personality too.

The phantom reactor is even more compact than the original Phantom. Slightly larger than your hand, they have the same sleek ovoid build that comes in shiny white or matte black. It is the perfect compact speaker to place anywhere in your listening room.

Dramatic Bass, Precise Presentation

These speakers are certainly uniquely designed, and make an impressive audio performance. Engineered by Devialet to supply high fidelity and make an atmospheric impact regardless of the volume they are being played at. They stack a remarkable punch for their size and deliver detailed dynamics throughout the frequencies.

Devialet Phantom Reactor in Matt Black

Devialet Phantom Reactor in Matt Black

Both the 600w and 900w models pack a stupendous bass that make the drivers thump dramatically. The design of the tweeter being at the front means the sound is projected directly at you, whilst the drivers at the side projected outwards. This means they don’t interfere with each other, which gives you a more clear and precise sound representation. The thumping is a visual extra but also allows for excellent delivery of sound from as low as 18khz. The Phantom Reactor lets you hear every note with extraordinary precision, richness and clarity.

Connect and Play

Phantom Reactor lets you connect with ease and take control. Wirelessly connect however you please with Bluetooth, or WiFi airplay, uPnP, spotify connect or through the optical analogue connections. Stream from your iOs compatible devices or spotify library through Wifi or mobile network. Touch control gives you ultimate command of your playback with a quick tap. Enjoy showing off the best of your collections of artists, albums and playlists.

Devialet Phantom Reactor 600 in White

Devialet Phantom Reactor 600 in White

Devialet’s Innovative Technology

Phantom Reactor’s has 981 parts protected by more than 160 patents. It features technology that you simply cannot find elsewhere. Consequently it is what makes the Phantom reactor so special compared to other wireless speakers. A complete embodiment of progress is the phantom reactor that showcases Devialet’s own Analog Digital Hybrid technology. This is a feature that allows the best of both worlds when it comes to connectivity.

The speakers also use patented Speaker Active Matching to replicate your music, the rhythm and pace with pure precision. Heart Bass Implosion to allow you to go beyond the usual depth of music, delivering an unusually explosive bass that transpires throughout your whole body. ACE technology for a full and completely clear sound that fills the room naturally with ease. And the excellent EVO platform to keep your speakers updated automatically.

Phantom Vs Phantom Reactor

Why the Phantom Reactor over the original Phantom then? Well, the smaller alternative to the Phantom, the ultra compact sound system demonstrates the same high-grade technology that rivals other speakers.

On offer here are 600 watts and 900 watts of power that will seriously shake the room. The power they produce is beyond impressive, and when compared to the 1200 watts the Phantom delivers, it is truly breathtaking for its tiny size.

Implosive sound and extra-terrestrial looks are seen throughout the whole Phantom Range. The Phantom Reactor brings you high fidelity and an excellent frequency range. Super small, you can really put it anywhere, and move it around for complete convenience and rich and clear sound.

Devialet Phantom Reactor on Stand

Devialet Phantom Reactor in White on Devialet Legs Stand


Devialet have a range of accessories to be used alongside the Phantom Reactor to optimise your audio and visual experience.  For example the solid white streamlined Legs Stand hold the speakers with effortless sophistication. With the same extravagant design, together they blend seamlessly to make a bold centre piece. In addition to this, if you want to take your speaker on the go, the Skin Carry Case offers super stylish dedicated protection. Padding, water repellent and second skin materials are used for the case that is available in orange, blue and grey.


The Phantom Reactor’s qualities of components are superb, and completely original. These super cool, super compact speakers provide you with a clearer audio reproduction and an insane bass. Complete excellence from Devialet, truly a new breed of speakers.

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