Posted on Fri, 20 Apr, 2018
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Devialet Gold Phantom Opera Edition is a very special and unique edition of Devialet’s spectacular Phantom Gold wireless speaker.

Devialet is a quintessentially French audio company, employing unique designs and engineering to produce amplifiers and loudspeakers unlike anything else available. Taking their range-topping Phantom Gold speaker as a foundation, Devialet has created a unique special edition in conjunction with the Opéra de Paris.

Let us investigate the unique and beautiful Devialet Gold Phantom Opera Edition …

Devialet Phantom Opera Edition

Gold Phantom Opera Edition

Devialet’s Phantom series of wireless speakers tore up the rule books as to what was possible with a compact wireless speaker. The Devialet Phantom looks and sounds like nothing else, and has attracted the endorsement of celebrities and fashionistas alike.

The Gold Phantom Opera Edition is based upon the Devialet Phantom Gold; the Phantom Gold represents the flagship model in the Devialet Phantom line-up and its technical specifications are identical to that of the Gold Phantom Opera Edition.

Where the Gold Phantom Opera Edition differs from its technically identical brethren, is in the unique, special edition aesthetics, created in conjunction with the Opéra de Paris and inspired by its home, the Palais Garnier.

Devialet Opera close up

Artisinal craftsman from the Ateliers Gohard apply a unique finish made from sheets of moongold; moongold is a stainless palladium-yellow gold alloy and is responsible for the beautiful iridescent finish of the Gold Phantom Opera Edition.

The logo of the Opéra de Paris is “stamped” into the side of the speaker, signifying the special, collectable status of this special edition.

Brawn Behind The Beauty

It seems barely possible, but the compact Gold Phantom Opera Edition packs in a genuine 4500w (RMS) of power, largely thanks to the remarkable amplification technology pioneered by Devialet. Based as it is upon the range-topping Phantom Gold, the specifications are nothing short of extraordinary.

The Devialet Gold Phantom Opera Edition features a newly designed titanium tweeter assembly as well as Devialets finest amplification and D/A technology. The Gold Phantom Opera Edition benefits from Devialet’s own, high-end, 24bit 192kHz converter embedded within Devialet’s high-end ADHV2 amplifier chip.

The paper specifications make for hugely impressive reading material: an incredible bandwidth of 14hZ to 27kHz is on offer along with exceptional THD and self-noise figures. Hearing is believing, however, and the Gold Phantom Opera Edition delivers in spades. especially if run as a stereo pair.

Thanks to Devialet’s superb networking features, playing your music to one or more Devialet Phantom speakers is a doddle. The dedicated app, in conjunction with the Devialet Dialogue networking hub, allows you to run Devialet Phantom as a single speaker, paired as a stereo pair, or mutli-room cast to single, pairs or more of Phantoms.

Phantom of The Opera

Devialet Gold Phantom Opera Edition

Very limited stocks of the Devialet Gold Phantom Opera Edition will be made available to UK dealers; those fortunate enough to own the special edition will be in the possession of one of the most exclusive, impressive and beautiful wireless loudspeakers ever made.

For those with high-end homes, a taste for fine aesthetics, exclusivity, and of course, exceptional sound quality, then the Devialet Gold Phantom Opera Edition must surely be an opportunity not to be missed.

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