Posted on Wed, 12 Apr, 2017
Posted by Bob

The Devialet Gold Phantom is possibly the world’s finest wireless speaker. Fusing the very latest in wireless technologies with unique and revolutionary amplification and loudspeaker design.  It represents the pinnacle of wireless speaker technology.

Let’s take a look at what makes the Devialet Phantom Gold so special…



Devialet’s Phantom series of wireless speakers have caused a stir in the audio community unlike any loudspeaker system in recent times. Nothing looks like a Devialet Phantom, and nothing sounds like a Devialet Phantom; if you haven’t heard one of the Phantom range, you’re in for a pleasant surprise…

The sheer size of sound kicked out by the Devialet Phantom defies what your eyes will tell you is capable of a wireless speaker of this size. As its two, hemispherical domes pulse to the music, you’ll enjoy an experience unlike any other wireless speaker provides.

The Gold Phantom is the flagship model in the Devialet Phantom line-up (4500W – £2190). It sits above the Silver Phantom (3000W – £1690) and the ‘entry level’ Devialet Phantom (750w – £1390). The Gold Phantom is both the most powerful and the most expensive model in the Phantom range, but is the price hike justified?

The Gold phantom boasts six times the power of the entry-level Phantom. However, improvements aren’t limited purely to additional power. With the Gold Phantom, beauty is more than skin-deep.


The Devialet Gold Phantom features a few unique enhancements, not found in any of the other models in the Phantom range. An upgraded, titanium, tweeter assembly is fitted, coupled with upgraded amplification and D/A conversion. The Phantom Gold receives Devialet’s own, 24bit 192kHz converter embedded within Devialet’s high-end ADHV2 amplifier chip.

The paper figures make for impressive gains over the already impressive specifications of the Phantom Silver: THD is lowered by 6db (-112db),  Bandwidth is extended at both extremes of the spectrum (14hZ to 27kHz) and self-noise is dramatically reduced by 15db (-15.5db).


Inevitably, any piece of technology this eye-catching, this groundbreaking and this revolutionary, will become embraced by those who seek to align themselves with its groundbreaking image.

Devialet must be one of the very few audio companies in the world, which can boast a list of celebrity endorsers. Multi award winning producer and songwriter, alongside megastar musical couple Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles, are all proud endorsees of Devialet.


If the earth-shaking power of one Devialet Gold Phantom is good, well, two must be GREAT, right? We agree and would like to suggest an ideal setup of equipment, plucked from the pages of the Devialet catalogue.

phantom stands
Devialet produces bespoke stands for the Phantom range: the Treepod is a three-legged stand whilst the Tree is a pedestal. Both bespoke stands couple the Phantom, thermally, to the metallic sections of the stands for optimum performance. Cabling is hidden from sight, making these a particularly stylish way of mounting a pair of Phantoms for the full, stereo, experience.

In order to operate multiple Phantom speakers, one must employ Devialet’s Dialog hub. The Dialog allows for the seamless setup of a stereo pair of Phantom speakers. It is, however, capable of much, much more…


The Devialet Dialog allows any Phantom owner to network multiple Phantom speakers. This allows for a true, multi-room networked audio experience. Coupled with Devialet’s Spark app, this allows the user to network and control up to 24 separate Phantom speakers. These can be grouped as stereo pairs or individual speakers.


If you, like Devialet, consider yourself something of a design Maverick, a home audio system based on multiple Devialet Gold Phantom speakers could be just the ticket. If you’d like to know more about the remarkable Devialet Phantom range, please contact us. We’d be happy to show you the Devialet Difference.

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