Posted on Thu, 31 May, 2018
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Devialet Expert Pro integrated amplifiers represent the pinnacle of Devialet’s Hi-Fi know how for world-class audio reproduction.

Devialet: The archetypal mavericks, Devialet have released a series of industry shaking products over the last few years. Combining cutting-edge technologies with incredible industrial design, Devialet’s phantom wireless speakers, and their Expert Hi-Fi range have wowed and impressed, globally.

It’s our delight to announce that we’re now fully authorised dealers for Devialet’s incredible Expert range of Hi-Fi amplification. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to this incredible range of Hi-Fi components…

Devialet Expert Pro 220

Devialet Expert Pro

Devialet Expert Pro range, radically reinvents the core elements of playback: preamp, amp, DAC, streamer and phono stage are streamlined in a single razor-thin slab. As is typical of Devialet’s approach, everything has been rethought, and re-imagined, from the ground up.

Devialet’s engineers invested a decade of research and development and over 100 patents in creating the Devialet Expert Pro range. Over 60 awards later, Expert Pro has emerged as one of the world’s most critically acclaimed audio systems.

Devialet Expert’s incredible performance is a result of some truly “out of the box” thinking coupled with some unique technology. This is exemplified by the core model in the range, the Devialet Expert Pro 220.

Devialet Expert Pro 220

The Expert 220 Pro features full connectivity and the world’s most advanced phono stage, designed for demanding vinyl lovers. Double up with a second system for the ultimate Expert 440 Pro experience. A seamless introduction to the extreme performance of dual mono configuration.

Devialet Expert Pro 220 integrated amplifier, the headline specs: 220 Watts. 130db signal to noise ratio. 0.0005% THD. Be under no illusions, this isn’t your regular integrated amplifier!

Devialet Expert Pro amplifiers feature Devialet’s integrated and infinitely upgradable architecture, which is designed to seamlessly adapt to fit your exact system and speaker model. The Expert Pro series utilises SAM technology to tailor the response of the amplifier to your exact loudspeakers.

Based on an advanced mathematical model of your speaker profile, SAM enables Expert Pro to tailor the signal to your model’s precise requirements. Devialet engineers are currently travelling the world to ensure your speakers are SAM-ready. More than 800 profiles are already available. And yours are more than likely among them.

The Expert Pro range feature chassis beautifully machined from a single block of aluminium, which is not only breathtaking in its aesthetics but also holds some remarkable amplifier technology.

ADH Hybrid Core

One of Devialet’s core amplification technologies is their ADH hybrid amplification. Stated by Devialet to be the best of both worlds, Devialet’s pioneering hybrid amplification technology combines all the linearity and sophistication of Analog (Class A) with all the power and compactness of digital (Class D).

Devialet Expert Pro 220, also features advanced management of your audio sources:

AIR (Asynchronous Intelligent Route) gives you the freedom to enjoy all your music, as and when you want. Whether you’re connecting wirelessly or via Ethernet, expect HD quality, regardless of the format, multimedia player or streaming service you select. Up to 24 bits / 192 kHz.

RAM, Devialet’s advanced phono stage, is touted as “the most agile, dynamic and versatile phono stage ever invented”. Record Active Matching technology means the Expert Pro phono stage becomes instantly and endlessly configurable. RAM Works in real time to custom fit the exact characteristics of your turntable or vinyl records.

Expert Pro 440

Devialet Expert Pro 440

For those desiring even more power, and the fidelity of a dual mono configuration, Devialet offers the behemoth Expert Pro 440 model. Featuring (yes, you guessed it) 440 watts of output power, the Expert Pro 440 features a two-box design.

Alternatively, the Expert Pro 220 offers the facility to link to an additional Expert Pro 220 amplifier, creating a dual-mono, double output system directly comparable to the Expert Pro 440. This provides a welcome upgrade route for future system enhancement.

Whichever of the Expert Pro amplifiers you choose, however, you’re assured of truly world-class performance. Have we come to expect anything less of Devialet?

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