Posted on Thu, 20 Feb, 2020
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The Dali Katch One Soundbar combines sophisticated looks with a stellar sound performance for a superb solution to improving TV audio. Able to perform as a standalone speaker too, the Katch One packs a punch with four 50 watt amplifiers driving its room filling abilities. If you are looking for a soundbar to stylishly compliment your home decor whilst providing versatile mounting options, the Katch One is for you.

Elegant Design

Dali speakers represent the minimalist, no fuss philosophy at the heart of Scandinavian design. It’s sleek curvilinear frame makes for a contemporary looking speaker that serves well for both modern and classic home interiors. The Katch One is undeniably handsome, built from glass fibre-reinforced ABS, it’s cabinet stands 175cm tall and elegantly slim. This soundbar looks just great under your soundbar, but it can also be placed in other positions in the home, making for a great speaker in your kitchen or bedroom. The Katch One does not need to be settled on it’s wooden feet on a cabinet under the TV because it comes with chic elegant leather straps for wall mounting. These stylish straps compliment the Iron Black, Ivory White and Mountain White cabinet options perfectly; because with Danish style, it always looks good.

TV Action Amplified

Get the best out of your TV with the Katch One Soundbar. It features two modes for enhancing TV audio – ‘wide’ and ‘focus’ audio profiles allow you to customise your audio to be more focused and linear or wide and more dynamic. There is the option to add an external subwoofer for an even deeper bass.  The room is filled with crystal clear dialogues and vocals, refined musical details, and every crash, bang and boom of every action scene is delivered with exceptional dynamics and stunning clarity. Transform your living room into the entertainment hub of the home with the Katch One.

Connectivity Options

The Katch One enjoys  an array of connectivity options for you enjoy your music, movies and games through. Alongside Bluetooth aptX the Dali Kacth One features multiple audio inputs including HDMI which supports use with TV remote, optical input for CD players and audio streamers, and stereo mini-jack for connecting to your phone, tablet, PC, TV. Alongside this you can find a SUB out port for connecting an subwoofer for enhanced bass, and a USB port that allows charging of your devices.

Bluetooth Speaker

Although primarily designed for enhancing TV audio, the Katch One makes an exceptionally good Bluetooth speaker that can be used throughout the home. When it comes to modern day music, music streaming is at the very forefront. Listeners want a quick and easy way to connect to a wealth of artists, albums and playlists, and music streaming services provide just this. Compatible with 4.0 Bluetooth AAC and aptX, the Katch Soundbar allows for fast, high quality Bluetooth audio. Whether you’re using your phone, tablet, laptop or TV, Bluetooth technology allows you to connect at the touch of a button and get to way enjoying your favourite entertainment.

Cinematic Sound

The Katch One features an impressive 10 drivers. Four steel cone passive drivers, four aluminium cone woofers, and two soft dome tweeters  are perfectly matched with 4x 50 watt amplifier. Enjoy a powerful performance with four Auxiliary Bass Radiators that provide additional bass for the woofers resulting in a rich and extended bass response that ensures that movie soundtracks and dialogue are always crystal clear, crisp,  and exceptionally dynamic whilst music is exquisitely balanced.

Dali Katch One

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