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The Dali Katch One is the first specially made TV soundbar by the Danish audiophile brand Dali. It’s elegant aesthetics are reminiscent of Dali’s first home cinema feat, the Kubik One. What Hifi? award-winner 2019, the Katch One soundbar oozes effortless elegance and is guaranteed to boost any tune and elevate home cinema audio with sensational power.

Dali Katch One

Katch One soundbar is the What Hifi? 2019 Award winner for The Best Soundbar in the £500 to £100 range. The Dali Katch One gets the best out of your entertainment and fulfils your home audio needs with stunning Scandinavian design and breathtaking audio quality. It can enhance audio from any source or act as a standalone audio system. Driven by a 50 watt class D amplifier expertly matched with 10 built in drivers to deliver crisp, clean and dynamic sound. An exceptionally low signal to noise ratio (100dB) of the amplifier module ensures that even the smallest details in a quiet passage are passed on to the drivers, clear and distortion free.

Dali Katch One

Dali Katch One is a real catch

The Katch One soundbar is a high quality speaker enhanced with Bluetooth technology allowing you to stream from any mobile device. It is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, AAC and Apt-X so you can playback from your favourite streaming services and enjoy the best wireless connection. Prefer a wired connection? Connect via optical or 3.5mm outputs, suitable for older TV’s, or streamers, Blu-ray and DVD players, and CD players alike. Two DSP modes; wide and focus allow you to customise the audio settings of soundbar to your choice of movies, documentaries, music collections and more. The likely connection of choice is HDMI, which provides a high quality connection to your soundbar, capable of filling any space with cinematic sound.

Dali Katch One Ivory

Superior audio for your TV

This stylish speaker showcases Dali’s legacy of exceptional engineering, and highlights their reputation of HiFi excellence. The Katch One employs 10 built in drivers to provide the most powerful yet natural performance. Four larger passive drivers and six active drivers including 2 soft-dome tweeters enable the amazing performance ability of this soundbar. A controlled yet explosive bass is experienced thanks to the four active woofers. For further bass extension, the Katch One also has the option of adding a subwoofer. Clean detailed sound, wide dynamic range, retained detail and clarity are enjoyed throughout the frequencies. Sweet highs are accurately reproduced from the tweeters and the mid-range is handled impeccably. Together, the 10 drivers efficiently provide a quality of audio rarely experienced in a Soundbar; clean, coherent and dynamic.

Dali Katch One Lifestyle

Movie Master

The Katch One soundbar is made for movies. Enjoy a dynamic range that takes each hair-raising scene to dramatic new heights. Focused, intensely quiet moments are heard with perfectly precise details and the loud crashes, booms and groans of every catastrophic disaster or heart-stopping fight are heard with a mirrored energy and bass performance. The Katch One has a spaciousness that truly puts you in the centre of the action, circling you in a true to life soundstage that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The overall sound is warm and compelling, and voices are richly emotive, conveying an accurate image in every music track and movie.

Dali Katch One buttons

Stylishly Scandinavian

Hey good looking. The Dali Katch One is enticingly handsome, with sleek contours and textured front grille reminiscent of the simplicity of Scandinavian design. The glass fibre reinforced ABS cabinet is designed to deliver a wider stereo image, optimise airflow and provide an exceptionally rigid structure for your listening enjoyment. It’s a slim speaker beautifully finished in either ‘ivory white’, ‘mountain white’ and ‘iron black’. Equipped with ingenious mounting options that take this soundbar from just another speaker to an attractive piece of furniture. It comes with luxurious leather straps for wall mounting purposes an real wooden feet for it to stand on. The wall mounting option enhances the performance of the Katch One as it positions the rear drivers optimally for the best bass boost. Buttons are neatly tucked away on the top of the cabinet, and the ports are found on the rear for discreet hiding of the wires.

Dali Katch One Black

For more information, visit Dali’s own website.

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