Posted on Mon, 30 Mar, 2020
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Dali IO-4 and IO-6 headphones mark new territory for the Danish hi-fi brand, best known for their award-winning loudspeakers. Dali have created two open back models to rival their competitors for excellent sound quality. The IO-6 features noise cancellation which is a rare design as of current from the key hi-fi names. Stepping a foot into the personal and immersive world of headphone listening, Dali’s IO models represent the innovation and quality that the brand never leave behind.

Dali IO Black

Dali History

Dali’s superb history of loudspeaker design began in the early 80’s in Denmark, when founder Peter Lyngdourf noticed an increasing demand for premium quality hi-fi. In 1987, Dali’s first loudspeakers were launched, the Dali 40 and 40 SE, where they facilitated business in Scandinavia before starting exporting in 1990. Since then, Dali have provided high quality, innovative loudspeakers that are undoubtedly well practiced in cutting edge-technologies and contemporary design across the globe. Such series like the Rubicon and Epicon have become iconic within the hi-fi community, and their award-winning designs put them as one of the most highly regarded hi-fi companies as of current. Even more so now, Dali prove themselves to be not just a one trick pony with their fantastic headphone entries.

Dali IO White

Dali IO Headphone Design

Covering the whole ear, Dali IO headphones benefit from a circumaural closed-back design which cups the ear completely leaving no gaps for any external noise to seep in. Even without noise cancellation, closed back headphones provide greater isolation from the outside world. Not only does this design prevent noise coming in, but it prevents noise leakage too, which of course means, music sounds more present, captivating and authentic.

Dali IO-6 and IO-4 feature super soft synthetic leather ear cups that enclose the whole ear (of every shape and size) and a memory foam headband that moulds to the shape of your head for a comfortable fit whether you’re out on a run, commuting on a train or simply enjoying a listening session at home. Ergonomically designed and focused on the maximum comfort even during long listening sessions, Dali’s headphones take into consideration even the way they fold down and hang around the neck to ensure the optimal functionality for real life. Not forgetting the importance of aesthetics, the IO models are beautifully crafted, and come in two stylish finishes – Iron Black and Caramel White. Cool, contemporary and comfortable, Dali IO headphones tick every box.

Dali IO-4

Dali IO Headphones Sound

Dali’s signature sound can now be enjoyed wherever you are with the IO-4 and IO-6 headphones. With over 35 years in loudspeaker manufacturing, it would be fair to say that Dali are a company that demonstrate the finest high fidelity design and engineering. With this knowledge and experience behind them, Dali’s headphones benefit deeply from the same fundamental aim that is central to Dali loudspeakers – to reproduce music as close to the original recording as possible. Combining a large diaphragm custom made 50 mm drivers with an optimised neodymium magnet system,  allows the headphones to deliver a incredibly realistic audio performance.

High Quality Wireless Audio

Providing high quality audio whilst on the go, the Dali IO-4 and IO-6 are great for the travelling audiophile and the commuter. Kitted out with the latest Bluetooth technology – aptX and aptXHD Dali’s headphones allow you to listen to your music in high definition, all whilst enjoying the freedom of wireless connectivity. Alongside this they support Apple AAC and comes with a USB-C port to support music streaming via a laptop, computer or MAC and also to charge the headphones. The IO-4 benefits from a whopping 60 hour battery life which puts worrying about losing charge last on your list. But if wireless isn’t your preference, the IO models also benefit from traditional analog 3.5mm inputs for a wired connection, which can even enable use without charge in “passive mode”.

Active Noise Cancellation

The superior of the two models, the IO-6 benefits from active noise cancellation for a truly immersive audio experience without disruption. Three different modes are provided, allowing the user to alter how much isolation they require from the IO-6 – ANC ON, ANC OFF and Transparency mode. Switching between modes is easy with a convenient little button on the right earcup. Why is active noise cancellation so good? Well even if you’re in a noisy environment you can relax, enjoy even the subtle details and nuances in your music without any external noise, a factor that is fundamental for a natural and transparent listening session. Alongside this, an impressive 30 hour battery life even when noise cancellation mode is activated truly puts the IO-6 headphones up there with some of its far more accustomed competitors.

To take a look at Dali’s product catalog, please head over to our main website where you’ll find a range of the brands award-winning bookshelf speakers, floorstanders, soundbars, subwoofers and much more. You can find out more about Dali on their own website.

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