Posted on Wed, 01 Apr, 2020
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Who doesn’t want an attractive piece of furniture supporting your precious audio components? Blok Stax stands are as acoustically enhancing as they are aesthetically pleasing. Originators of the world renowned stands, hifi furniture makers Blok have a design philosophy that focuses on finding the perfect harmony between functionality and beauty.

Blok Stax 450X Hi-Fi Stand

Blok Stax: Stylish and Functional

Beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to housing your audio equipment, many furniture manufacturers over the years have tended to go down the clunky, outdated route. Blok Stax stands are refreshing new approach on AV furniture design, with their Stax stands showcasing the best of contemporary style, and a clean and uncluttered look that will compliment any living space just beautifully. Their open back design not only makes it easier access, but also prevents any unwanted vibrations.

Better still, Blok’s stands come in a plethora of customisable finishes for both the glass shelves and wood frame. If you’re opting for a classic look, black shelves and black wood finish is a go-to choice. Or if you’re after a brighter more contemporary looking unit, you can opt for white, natural oak and walnut wood frames and clear etched glass to get the look you’re after. Blok caters for an array of tastes and preferences as the finishes are interchangeable, allowing you to get the stand of your dreams. Each shelf can hold up to audio equipment up to 40kg, and have integrated cable management for neat and tidy hi-fi storage.

Blok Stax

Stax 450 and 450X

The smallest of the Stax range of stands, the 450 and 450x measure just 45cm tall and are so compact they even make a great bedside table. The 2-shelf 405 is a reduction of the 3-shelf 450x but apart from that both models feature the same high quality construction and customisable colour finishes. For a space saving way to store multiple pieces of audio equipment the 450x is a great choice. Whilst the two shelf design of the 450 is perfect for sandwiching your record collections between.

Blok Stax 600x

Stax 600 and 600X

Slightly taller than the above models, the 60cm tall 600 and 600X stands give you more room to house your hi-fi and av equipment. Four shelves on the 600 model are spaced evenly apart from the bottom shelf, allowing you to slot in your amps, record players, streamers and wireless speakers snugly.  Designed with the same perfectly sized compartment for LP vinyl storage at the bottom, and with two more shelves to take advantage of, the 600x can accommodate your music collections and turntables.

Blok Stax 810 Hi-Fi Stand

Stax 810 and 810X

The penultimate stand in the range, and true to it’s name the Stax 810 hi-fi stand measures 810cm tall, and offers more shelves then the previous mentioned models. Blok’s build-quality is excellent, and the larger the stands get the more we are able to see their excellent craftmanship. With 5 shelves the 810 stand can hold all your entertainment (CD players, amps, CD’s, streamers), and it looks so good doing so too. A visual pleasure in any room it stands in, the 810X features the same vinyl sized gap at the bottom as the other X stands, and has four shelves to store your other audio equipment in style.

Blok Stax 960X Hi-Fi Stand

Stax 960 and 960X

For the ultimate hi-fi/av storage solutions, the Stax 960 and 960X stands are the tallest you can get, and the most expensive. Standing elegantly at short of a metre, the 96cm stands have a huge capacity for storage and are a high performance and highly attractive home equipment. Both models have enough space to home all your equipment, with the 960 boasting 6 shelves, whilst the 960X has 5 and LP storage compartment. Blok provide a beautiful home for your CD players, turntables, streamers, CD’s, magazines, amplifiers, game consoles and pretty much anything else you want to fit on your hi-fi stand.. For the ultimate style and functionality, Blok really does touch every base.

For a further look at Blok STAX stands, take a look on our main website or head over to the Blok Stax website.

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