Posted on Fri, 03 Jan, 2020
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Audiolab 6000N brings high-resolution streaming in great sound quality to the celebrated 6000 series. Utilising premium DTS Play-Fi technology and built in D/A converter, the 6000N is Audiolab’s first standalone streamer. With flexible options to expand to a multi-room system and support for high-resolution streaming from virtually any device, the 6000N is an exceptional streaming solution. Simplicity, flexibility, and a balanced yet expressive performance are yours to be enjoyed.

Audiolab 6000N

Wireless audio systems and multi-room home audio have burst into popularity over the last decade, with digital streamers being at the very heart of this surge. The Audiolab 6000N Play joins the facade with an unassuming air about it. A simplistic design with a screen-less chassis gives nothing away, but the real wow factor is with it’s streaming abilities. It allows streaming over WiFi supported by DTS Play-Fi Technology from any source on the network; Android, iOS, PC, Apple watch, you name it. It uses a DAC chip for more freedom of play, removing the need for an external DAC. Streaming is made easy and accessible with the 6000N.

The Audiolab 6000N is the What Hifi Award Winner for best streamer under £500. It is praised by the publication for it’s ease of use, clear and articulate balance and intuitive app. The 6000N proves that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a lot from your streamer.

Audiolab 6000N Silver

High Quality D/A Converter

With a built in D/A converter employs high-quality ES9018 Sabre32 Reference chip adopted from its brother the 6000A integrated amplifier. The 6000N brings even more streaming flexibility. Within the dedicated ESS digital circuitry, sees a 32bit HyperStream structure and Jitter Eliminator to improve timing, produce ultra-low noise and an impressive dynamic range. Great sound quality is achieved without the need for a standalone DAC.

The 6000N Play Streamer takes elements from the 6000CDT such as the isolated power supply, but benefits from it’s own exclusive features like the built in DAC. It enables digital, analog and wireless connectivity options as well as the ability to integrate seamlessly with any audio system. RCA output allows connection to your existing speakers or amplifier. The Audiolab 6000A is a natural match for the 6000N, and you can take digital route to pair to such components via an optical or coaxial cable.

Audiolab 6000N Lifestyle

Stream from any source

It really is one size fits all with the 6000N. You can connect via any source on your wireless network through Audiolab’s dual-band WiFi and listen to the best tracks from all the streaming services. Connect with your smartphone, tablet, PC’s, Apple Macs even music servers and  NAS drives. It can stream files up to 24bit/192kHz of  high-resolution lossless audio over WiFi , which surpasses CD quality and ensures synchronization without delays and loss of sound quality..

As well as this, an abundance of streaming services are integrated such as Tidal, Amazon Music, Qobuz, Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. Amongst the most popular streaming services are a wealth of lesser known music streaming services. Multi-room streaming is on offer through DTS Play Fi Technology, and the option to stream directly from Spotify Connect, DLNA streaming and Ethernet connectivity.

Audiolab 6000N App

DTS Play-Fi Wireless Streaming Technology

DTS Play-Fi is a top-class wireless streaming platform providing streaming in breathtaking quality to all your devices. Play-Fi technology sends audio from your mobile device, tablet, smartwatch or other devices to your speakers and allows multi-room streaming in high-res lossless quality. All your music is perfectly synchronized and authenticated throughout the home and access to every streaming platform is at your fingertips.

DTS Play-Fi products can be integrated with any other brand that uses the technology so you can completely customise your wireless audio system. All streaming services are instantly accessed and organised through the intuitive DTS Play-Fi app. The app control is smart yet simple, provides access to volume control, your catalogue of music platforms and displays all Play-Fi devices, offering flexible possibilities for a multi-room system.Audiolab 6000N Black


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