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American-made Audioengine is a brand that excels in wireless speaker design, with their award-winning speaker systems bringing high fidelity sound to smaller spaces. Designed to be barely seen, but most definitely heard, Audioengine’s range of ultra-compact components for home use sound fantastic and showcase a vast array of connectivity and convenience.

Audioengine A2

Audioengine history

A brand of the new millennium, Audioengine has primarily focused on the power of the modern approaches to music listening since 2005. Based in Austin, Texas USA, the company’s ethos is founded on the basis of simplicity, great sound and ease of use that makes every day a new day to listen to and enjoy music in amazing quality. The independent audio company have won a number of awards over the years for their innovative wireless music systems which are purposely designed for desktop used and for excellent stereo systems.

A2+ White

A2+ Wireless

Successor to the original A2, the award-winning A2+ are ground-breaking wireless speakers that surpass their tiny dimensions with flying colours. Combining audiophile grade quality with incredible sound, the A2+ makes a great partner for desktop setups. Exceptionally convenient, the A2+ speakers can be set up in seconds without having to connect to a network, enter a password or any fuss. For connectivity, the A2+ has improved on its predecessor with as it now features the latest Bluetooth aptX technology as well as a host of traditional analog inputs for connecting to a turntable, headphones as well as USB. You can even add a subwoofer such as the S8 if you’re after a bit more bass.

Since laptops and computers are not able to deliver high quality audio, the A2+ wireless speakers are a fantastic upgrade for your desktop setup or work from home situation. You can stream music straight from your phone, or computer via wireless for easy access wherever you are in the home, and the built-in DAC supports files up to 24-bit/48kHz. Ideal for smaller spaces, these speakers release an incredible amount of energy and go surprisingly loud enough to fill the room with ease. They deliver a rich performance across all frequencies, with crisp highs revealing subtle details in the music, a great midrange and well-balanced low end with good bass extension. Vocals sound tight and strong no matter what type of music you throw at them. And when compared to the competition, the stereo separation is extraordinary.

Audioengine A5+

A5+ Wireless

Bigger brother to the A2+, the A5+ wireless speakers are the upgraded version of the original A5 model. With the latest Bluetooth technology and connectivity features as the aforementioned model, in the wireless music age, these speakers are about as good as it gets. The A5+ too offers incredible stereo sound in spite of it’s small size and it can actually fill medium sized rooms surprisingly well. With more power than the A2+ 60w output, the A5+ boasts an impressive 150 watt output, allowing the speakers to deliver a superior sonic performance.

Featuring larger drivers and newly incorporated power transformers, this wireless feat succeeds in reproducing a musical performance with a clean bass response, and a richness and depth throughout the frequency range with excpetional clarity displayed in the midrange. The mid-range performance is the star feature of this model, presenting a crystal-clear perfromance full of details, textures whilst maintaining a captivating warmth.  Solidly built, and simply classic, for high quality wireless audio, you won’t be disappointed with Audioengine’s A2+ and  A5+.

Audioengine HD3 Active Speakers (Pair)

HD3 and HD6

Similar to the A models, but sporting a vintage vibe, Audioengine’s HD3 and HD6 speakers embody everything old school. Opting to use analog amplification rather than digital, these speakers can deliver a pure and dynamic sonic performance that is incomparable to many speakers of a similar price point. Top-grade sound enclosed in high quality hand-built cabinets, Bluetooth connectivity, 24-Bit DAC, built in headphone amp, and hassle-free setup is just a start with these speakers. These beautifully designed units compliment your TV system perfectly, but are also eloquent enough to take roles throughout the home as an incredible stereo system. Sound is wonderfully articulate, accurate and clear, and despite the HD3 being smaller than the HD6, both are able to hold their own, for a sophisticated audio performance in small or medium sized rooms.

Audioengine S8 Subwoofer

S8 Subwoofer

For extra bass from your wireless system, the S8 subwoofer has been crafted especially for the role. Audioengine’s S8 subwoofer is ultra-comapact, super fast and seriously smooth. It compliments the A2+ and A5+ wireless speakers incredibly well, providing that added punch and definition in the low ends. Whether it’s a complex orchestral piece or beat heavy dance track, the S8’s sound clear, tight and powerful. Small enough to accompany desktop speakers, the phenomenal bass from the S8 provides an excellent upgrade if you’re looking to enhance your music or movies.

Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver

B1 Bluetooth Receiver and D2 DAC

Audioengine leave nothing behind when it comes to fantastic sound equipment, and when it comes to the digital domain, they’ve got everything covered. For high quality music streaming, just hook the B1 Bluetooth Receiver up to whatever music device you’re using with your speakers to connect to your favourite streaming services and enjoying fast, reliable audio in seconds. To really hear the difference from your digital music files, the 24-bit D2 DAC with asynchronous USB interface allows for HD music streaming throughout the home. It’s easy to set up, sounds great and for this price point, we find it difficult to find a worth competitor on the market.

For more information on Audioengine’s products, head over to our main website for a further look or visit the official Audioengine website.

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