Posted on Mon, 03 Jun, 2019
Posted by Richard

This year will be Arcam’s 25 year of providing us with top of line AV equipment, from their first Xeta One in 1994  Arcam have been striving to refine and redefine  what is possible from AV systems and we think the most current range we will explore below is among the best out there at any price point! So, how does this help you? For a limited time only Arcam are offering a bonkers trade in deal against their receivers – the “Arcam Silver celebration trade-in offer 2019 ” This will afford you a generous trade in against any AV receiver you may have – yes even that old Sherwood classic you have at the back of the shed!


Arcam Silver celebration trade-in offer 2019!

One of these could be yours for a lot less then you think!


The Offer:


Arcam AVR390 – RRP £1995.00 Trade in allowance on any AV receiver £500.00 –
You pay ONLY £1499.00!

Arcam AVR550 – RRP £2699.00 Trade in allowance on any AV receiver £700.00 –
You pay ONLY £1999.00!

Arcam AVR850 – RRP £4495.00 Trade in allowance on any AV receiver £1000.00 –
You pay ONLY £3495.00!


So you may now fall into two categories:

  1. You do not have a AV receiver – no problem – buy the cheapest one from eBay and use that – you could even get the seller to direct ship it to us here!
  2. Your current AV recevier is worth more than the trade in being offered- again, no problem – tell us what you have and will tailor a package deal for you – we can offer super generous trade in offers.

Arcam Silver celebration trade-in offer 2019!

The AVR390 now represents even better value for money at just  £1499.00 post a trade in of any other AV receiver!

How do I take advantage of the Arcam Silver celebration trade-in offer 2019?

Simple, give us a call on 0121 224 7300 or email and we can arrange the rest – we will come to you and install performing the DIRAC so the performance is top notch – at a time  that suits you!

We offer a wide range of payment methods also such as credit/debit, PayPal and 0% finance – for example a finance package on the 850 would look like  this

AVR850 £4495.00 

Minus PX -£1000.00

Total £3495.00 

Deposit £350.00 

Advance £3145.00

Over 24 months 0% £131.04 per month! 

This offer is of course strictly time limited and first come first service, terms and conditions apply.

It seems the time has never been better to see what Arcam can give you – we love them and what is more when you purchase one I can arrange to complete a DIRAC install for you at your request (small charge to cover mileage applies!) any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of team.

If you have any other questions please call 0121 224 7300/7401 or click here to email us

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