Posted on Wed, 02 Aug, 2017
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The Arcam AVR850 AV Receiver fuses Hi-Fi sensibilities and Audiophile standards with the convenience and extensive features of the very best AV Receivers.

The often unspoken assumption regarding surround sound and AV receivers is that they are unable to match the performance of a dedicated two-channel Hi-Fi setup.

Proving that high-end AV Receivers can more than hold their own, comes the Arcam AVR850 AV Receiver; boasting an audio specification which would be the envy of more than a few two-channel amplifiers, the Arcam AVR850 represents the pinnacle of Arcam’s AV Reciever range.

Arcam AVR850 – The King of AV Receivers

Arcam AVR850

Sitting at the very top of Arcam’s AV Receiver range, the Arcam AVR850 is a hugely powerful, impressively featured Receiver. Fusing Audiophile quality audio, Dolby Atmos support, 4k UHD HDMI2.0 with HDCP2.2, and support for internet radio and Spotify, the Arcam AVR850 is a formidable unit.

Arcam’s decades of expertise in designing and manufacturing quality Hi-Fi, coupled to their groundbreaking ‘Class G’  amplifier topology ensure the very highest levels of audio performance.

Audiophile Quality Audio – by Design

The heart of the Arcam AVR850 is a Cirrus CS42528 audiophile grade DAC, ensuring that digital signals are treated with high-quality conversion; as important for crystal clear speech, arresting explosions and special FX as it is listening to your favourite music.

Arcam’s Class G power amplification delivers a remarkable 180watts per channel of remarkably transparent, clean and dynamic power. Class G aims to deliver the kind of sonic purity often attributed to Class A amplification, but with the efficiency, low power consumption and convenience of Class-D amplification.

Extensive features for the AV Enthusiast and Audiophile alike

No less than seven HDMI inputs are provided, six of which are HDMI2.0, 4k compatible and offer HDCP2.2 pass through. Three HDMI outputs are offered, two of which are to the HDMI2.0 standard. Full support of the latest 4k UHD video is supported, ensuring future longevity.

Dolby Atmos enthusiasts rejoice! Seven full channels of power amplification are provided by the Arcam AVR850 providing for front, rear, centre and height channels. These are echoed by a full set of analogue pre-amplifier outputs, including one for a dedicated external subwoofer.

Don’t let these extensive AV features make you feel that the two-channel audio enthusiast has been let down, however. Six pairs of analogue RCA inputs are provided along with four coaxial S/PDIF digital inputs and two Toslink connections; a remarkable 110db signal to noise ratio is quoted for the analogue inputs, remarkable by anyone’s standards.

The Arcam AVR850 features an internal radio tuner which provides fully integrated FM / DAB / DAB+  radio.  Worldwide access to internet radio and UPnP audio servers is supported through the network connection, whilst memory devices are supported via a USB port.


arcam avr850 rear


Easily integrates and adapts with your living space.

For those with a fetish for household integration, control of the Arcam AVR850 is possible via Ethernet; this allows the AVR850 to be fully integrated with whole house control systems, or via the iOS MusicLife UPnP/control app. RS232, 12V triggers and standard IR control are also included.

Finally, as if the Arcam AVR850 wasn’t well featured enough, Dirac’s Live Room Correction is included, allowing for automatic analysis and correction of your speakers and room acoustics; all via your smartphone. Perfect sound with the touch of a button!


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