Posted on Thu, 03 Oct, 2019
Posted by Richard

Getting a deal on Hi-Fi is usually the preserve of Summer months – what with the hot weather and beer gardens etc a lot of people have other things in mind! As we saw over the last few months there have been promos from Linn, Naim, Cyrus and  Arcam. Arcam have decided  in light of how popular their “Silver Celebration” was to extend this to their two channel customers also – why should the home theatre crew have all the fun! This is the “Arcam 2 Channel Trade In Offer!”

Arcam 2 Channel Trade In Offer!

What’s on offer?

Okay, down to business  – for a limited time only you can from £200.00 up to £399.00 on selected Arcam products when trading in any amplifier or CD player/streamer :

For example:

Arcam SA10 RRP £699.00

Trade in amount £200.00

Offer Price £499.00 

Saving you nigh on 30%!

Arcam 2 Channel Trade In Offer!

The Arcam SA10 – redefining what is possbile at this level of investment! 

Wait, there’s more!

Further to the £200.00 off the SA10 – the following is also available:

Arcam SA20 RRP £999.00

Trade in amount £200.00

Offer Price £799.00 

Now might just the be the opportune time to get a new source also – so if you trade in either amplifier, CD Player or  Streamer ( not both just one!) you can save on the following: 

Arcam SA10 and CDS50 RRP £1398.00 

Trade in amount £399.00

Offer Price £999.00 

 Saving you over 30%!

Arcam 2 Channel Trade In Offer!

A perfect pair, the CDS50 and SA20! 

Arcam SA20 and CDS50 RRP £1698.00

Trade in amount £399.00

Offer Price £1299.00

I Have A Trade In – How Do I Take Part?

So you have you trade in ready – we do not care what it is, could be a £20.00 Maplin amp or a Naim NAIT 5 ( if you trade in is worth more than the £200.00/399.00 on offer then we can still tailor you a package) all you need to do is call or email us (see here) and we can send you over the labels for collection of your item – you just need to wait for the courier to knock the door!

We offer a wide range of payment methods also, from the usual cash, PayPal, card etc to a finance package tuned for your needs, check out this example:

Arcam SA10 and CDS50 RRP £999.00 

Despoit £199.80 (20% – minimum of 10% – maximum of 50%) 

Advance £799.20

Over 12 Months 0% £66.60. 

Terms and conditions apply.

This offer is strictly first come first served and terms do apply – it will run until the 31st December 2019 any questions, comments please contact us here.


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