Posted on Wed, 04 Feb, 2015
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When the question: “how high can hi-fi go?” is asked, there’s only one response: “high. Very high.” There are a few incredibly exclusive and monstrously high-end items that are available to those with deep enough wallets, and the CAT MBX are one of those very items!

So called for their pristine presentation and high-end customisation, these incredible beasts are the product of the accumulation of the world’s top engineers and designers, and the sourcing of some of the world’s rarest and most exotic materials. Each pair is custom designed for the customer’s tastes, and it’s nesting space. Each order comes with a full service, including tailored design and engineering for the space and a full installation and tuning by a CAT factory engineer. Not too shabby eh?

These spaces can mean anything at all: home theaters, media rooms, outdoor audio, two-channel music, recording/mix/playback studios, mega yachts and large scale private aircraft – whatever the space, CAT have something to fit.

Here’s a little breakdown:


Height: up to 12ft
Weight: up to 5 tonnes a piece
Channels: up to 21
Driver Arrays:
up to 10 per channel
Built-in Amplification:
12,000-watts at more than a 100-db
Materials Options: include HDF, Corian, Avonite, MBX105, marble, granite, concrete, aluminum, 304, 316, 316L, and 2205 stainless steel and titanium
Price: from $500,000 to $16,000,000

The CAT MBX isn’t just a set of loudspeakers. Sure, the range starts from there, but it can extend up to a full blown audio system. This can include room balancing subwoofers “RBS” (up to 100 subwoofers per room), for the subwoofer bass balancing systems “SBBS”, and subwoofer bass management systems “SBMS”. The systems are incredibly versatile and perfect for hi-fi aficionados who want their tastes – and spaces – tailored to.


The only questions left to answer, how far do you want to go… and what colour would you like?

Personally, we think the Ferarri Red would suit our mega yacht.

A hi-fi mega yacht. Now there’s an idea!





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