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Acoustic Energy AE500 and AE509 loudspeakers are the new generation of high performers from Acoustic Energy. Achieving flagship status, the extremely capable loudspeakers set a new benchmark for the great British hi-fi brand, with a handsome list of specs and premium materials geared up to appease the discerning audiophile.

Acoustic Energy AE509

History of Acoustic Energy

An iconic British hi-fi brand, Acoustic Energy was founded in 1987 in West London. The company got off to an amazing start, with their introductory product – the AE1 becoming one of the most renowned loudspeakers across the globe. Testament to the talent of Acoustic Energy, the AE1 speakers are hard to fault, with their dynamic range and crystal clear audio performance proving difficult to compare at this price point. Since this initial win, the brand has continued to craft high-performance active, wireless and Bluetooth speakers  by taking advantage of thee latest audio technologies. By embodying a philosophy of simplicity, high quality, and innovation, Acoustic Energy cut out the clutter and leave you with the essentials for an award-winning sonic performance.


500 Series

Acoustic Energy have a impressive track record, and this being the case its’s no wonder the 500 series represent the brands latest advancements in driver technologies, acoustic materials and speaker quality. Newly developed for this range is the ultra-lightweight carbon fibre tweeters and midrange/bass drivers which are self-damping and very rigid. Expertly developed by Acoustic Energy especially for this range, carbon fibre is a premium quality material found in many high-end loudspeakers thanks to its acoustic enhancing properties. A lot of magic comes from these carbon fibre drivers as their composition enables a fast transient response and stunning clarity which provides a beautifully natural sound. Thanks to this construction, you can go on listening to them for hours without any ear fatigue.

A step up from the 300 Series and crafted to ensure the optimal performance in all aspects. The 500 series employs the familiar Resonance Suppression Composite material, adopted from the brand’s previous Reference Series. This material is an Acoustic Energy exclusive which is essentially a dampening layer designed to reduce cabinet resonances and colouration by layering one cabinet within another cabinet. And with a sophisticated 2-way crossover section, both models deliver seamless sound.


AE500 Standmount Speakers

The AE500 are the bookshelf model in the two-part series,  and are simply a gorgeous pair of speakers. If you’re in the market for a high quality, small footprint speaker the AE500 has proved itself to be a hard option to beat. The AE500 speakers measure just 31cm high, which is tiny compared to many other bookshelf speakers on the market. Despite their small size, the sound quality is incomparable.

Making use of the carbon fibre driver arrangement and with the tweeter benefiting from a cast aluminium WDT waveguide these speakers are set up for success. The sound dispersion is wonderful, and the AE500 is able to reach sweet highs, dynamic and articulate low end and defined mid-range, contributing to captivatingly natural performance.


AE509 Floorstanding Speakers

The AE509 floorstanders have made a global statement, with the highly acclaimed loudspeakers receiving 5 star reviews and winning awards worldwide such as “Product of the Year Award 2019” from South Korea. Receiving full marks from the popular hi-fi publication Hi-Fi choice, the loudspeakers have made a lasting impression for their ability to reproduce musical instruments in beautiful detail without any harshness and convey the emotive presence of a concert venue.

Although floorstanders, the AE509 is definitely a space saving option, as their ultra slim frame is ideal for where space is at a premium or for achieving that minimal look. They boast the same high performance carbon-fibre driver array as the smaller model, but with greater sensitivity, wider frequency range and power handling, the AE509 are the perfect choice for a greater soundstage and room-filling sound. The AE509 offers an incredible performance for this price point, truly impressive, wonderfully musical and a sheer delight to the eyes.

To explore Acoustic Energy’s 500 series and range of hi-fi components, please head over to our main website or visit the official range guide here.

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