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Abyss Diana Headphones couple the incredible sound quality of the AB-1266 with a chic, stylish aesthetic in a more affordable, portable design.

High-end “boutique” headphone design house, Abyss, has been on the radar of serious audiophiles for a few years now. Their AB-1266 planar magnetic headphones wooed reviewers and listeners alike, with their incredible sound and build quality. Handmade in New York, Abyss headphones are something rather special.

Now, there’s the Abyss Diana, a super stylish, lighter and more expensive offering from the very same people that brought you the incredible AB-1266…

Abyss Diana

Abyss Diana – The Stylish Sister

Abyss’ original planar magnetic headphones, the AB-1266, caused something of a sensation when released a few years back. Impeccably designed and engineered from the finest materials, the AB-1266 looked and sounded like nothing else. It’s uncompromising aesthetic, all art-deco metal and leather. Its sound, truly world-class.

The Abyss AB-1266 prompted one reviewer to liken the AB-1266 to a Dodge Viper; utterly uncompromising in delivering a thrilling experience. The downside, of course, is that like a Dodge Viper they were expensive and impractical. You probably wouldn’t take a Dodge Viper to the supermarket, and likewise, you’re unlikely to wear them out whilst out jogging in the park!

In answer to this, their creators have launched the Abyss Diana; a considerably more accessible, stylish and lightweight alternative to the uncompromising AB-1266. The Abyss Diana still embodies many of the key attributes of the AB-1266: magnetic planar drivers, beautiful quality materials and great sound.

If the AB-1266 was a Dodge Viper, then perhaps we should consider the Abyss Diana to be a Mazda MX-5? Lighter, more practical, more affordable, super stylish, fun and still a great performer! Let’s take a closer look at what the Abyss Diana range has to offer…

Abyss Diana Coffee

“The thinnest boutique headphone in the world”

Abyss has really pushed the boat out in terms of materials employed in the construction of the Diana; just like the AB-1266, they are hand-made in the USA, using aircraft grade aluminium. The strength and light weight afforded by this materials choice lend them the somewhat niche accolade of “the thinnest boutique headphone in the world“.

One simply can’t ignore the eye-catching finishes and presentation of the Abyss Diana, which is partly down to the use of high-tech ceramic finishes (more commonly employed in automotive and aircraft engineering). Complementing these high-tech finishes are traditional, artisanal materials too…

Premium quality leathers, which wouldn’t look out of place on premium luxury cars are contrasted with beautiful, soft Alcantara. Custom and exotic “skins” are also available, making the Abyss Diana a true designer piece.

Ultra Comfortable – Ultra Stylish

Abyss Diana Headphones employ Abyss’ Patent-pending “flat speakers” which are, in Abyss own words, designed to “create a wall of sound that tickle the ears with details rarely heard in your music“. The best transducers in the world, however, will soon become fatiguing to listen to if the headphones are uncomfortable to wear.

Abyss’ EMotion headband adjusts magnetically and is designed to contour to your head for a comfortable fit. Active wearing was very much in mind in the design of the Abyss Diana, with these headphones designed very much for those on the go, as well as high-quality home listening.

Abyss Diana Trio

An attractive trio of finishes are available including; Black Onyx, Arctic White, or Coffee. From reserved to retro to rebellious; there’s a finish and aesthetic to suit. To help keep your Abyss Diana headphones looking their very best, each pair of Abyss Diana headphones is provided with a  stylish, USA made canvas zipped carry case with stylish leather accents and accessory pockets.

Looking for a unique, stylish, artisanal, ultra-high quality headphone which works both for critical home listening and mobile listening? Then look no further than the Abyss Diana.

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