Posted on Wed, 18 Jul, 2018
Posted by Richard

This year (2018) Linn will be celebrating 45 Years of making everything sound better! – that is a serious achievement for any manufacturer – not least one in the audio industry. Brands come and go so quickly it is hard to keep up, however one stalwart seems to stand the test of time effortlessly – Linn.

In order to celebrate this occasion Linn through its retailers (us!) will be offering 10% of Linn products* when you trade in a legacy product, so that old unused CD player you may have loitering under the bed could be a shiny new streamer!

Before we give you an example of what is on offer lets have a look at the product that Linn is probably most famous for; the now 45 year old LP12!

The much copied, revered and still very current LP12.  Above is one of the very first, while the product continues to undergo upgrades and tweaks the fundamentals are still the same –  it has to give a true audiophile performance, must be upgradeable and strive to be the best available anywhere at any price.

And here is what you can get now!


The Akurate spec LP12 may look aesthetically similar to the original model above however sonically they are aeons apart! The new Lingo IV power supply pictured below the deck takes a lot of features directly from the flagship Kilmax such as an improved motor and speed sensor (when compared to the Lingo III) Making this deck the most versatile financially in the range.

The 10% OFFER! 

Okay, as mentioned Linn are offering 10% of new products when you trade in one of the legacy products, for example

You have an old Genki CD player:

You may get £300.00 for this on sites such as eBay (exuding fees etc) which is not too shabby, however using Linn’s summer promo you could get £515.00 of one of these:

In doing so you will get a source like no other, one of the ultimate audiophile streamers. You will have access to NAS drive streaming, Tidal, Spotify, internet radio and much more. For example “Space Optimisation” allows for room adjustment – basically a CD player on steroids with no CD drive so to speak. A serious upgrade over a Genki. Money wise this means the total you would pay is £4635.00. What is more, we can offer this on 0% finance which could work out to:

Total £4635.00

Deposit £463.50 (minimum 10 maximum 50%)

Advance £4171.50

Over 36 months 0% £115.88

We can tailor a package for your needs, you may find your legacy product may be worth more than the 10% Linn are offering – in which case we can still take this in part exchange but offer more! *See a list here of applicable exchange products

Happy listening!


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