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Yamaha EPH100 Earphones

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An Audio Affair exclusive and used personally by most of our staff, the EPH100 has received rave reviews on the Head-Fi Forum. Our best selling earphones!

Available - Ships within 2-3 days.

Condition:Brand new in original retail packaging

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Warranty length 1 Year
Length 1.2 Metre
Colour Black
Brand Yamaha Audio

Tech Specs

Driver Type: Dynamic, Closed
Driver Unit: 6 mm (1/4”)
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sound Pressure Level: 104 dB ±3 dB
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Weight (with Cable): 13.5 g (0.46 oz)
Cable Length: 1.2 m (47-1/4”)
Connector: 3.5mm L-type mini stereo

Product Description

Yamaha EPH-100 are a UK exclusive to Audio Affair (Only we sell genuine stocks with a full 2-year warranty, be wary of any others). EPH100 feature a new-concept 6mm (1/4”) super-compact driver delivering the sound to your ears in the purest possible form.

Rich in Detail

The EPH-100 Inner Ear Headphones are the result of Yamaha’s desire to enable you to hear not only clear music, but the sounds of the performer’s breathing or the bassist’s plucking of the strings, and even the emotions the artist put into the music.

Superb tuning only possible from Yamaha with its long musical instrument and audio experience reproduces every minute detail. With the EPH-100, you’ll fall in love with your favourite music all over again.

What's in the box?

- Yamaha EPH-100 earphones
- Carry case
- 3.5 to 6.3mm (1/4”) stereo adapter
- 2 metre 3.5mm extension cable
- 4 pairs of different size ear tips

Press Reviews

  • For Balanced, articulate, dynamic and revealing sound...Deep bass, open mids, nearly perfect treble...Comfortable fit...Very good passive noise isolation. (Digital Trends review)

  • Yamaha's EPH-100 in-ear headphones surprise us with superb all-around performance at a reasonable price. (Digital Trends review)

  • The EPH-100 are one of the very few sets of earphones we’ve tested that sounded spectacular straight out of the box. We still gave them about 40 hours of break-in time, as is our standard procedure, but once we started listening, it was too hard to stop. In fact, most of those 40 hours of break-in time had the EPH-100 playing in our ears rather than to the surface of our desk. (Digital Trends review)

  • As dazzled as we were by the EPH-100’s terrific treble, we were equally thrilled by their midrange response. Normally we’d spend some time here talking about how natural and open vocal performances came across – and they did, to be sure — but the EPH-100 took midrange clarity to a new level for us. (Digital Trends review)

  • We’ll admit, we came to the table on these headphones with some preconceived notions about bass response...we were only half right. The bass is well refined and tonally on point, however the EPH-100 can get down and dirty with the best of them. We ran a slow frequency sweep from 150Hz down to 20Hz and these little earphones sounded dead even all the way down before finally rolling off steeply at 25Hz. (Digital Trends review)

  • Bottom line: The Yamaha EPH-100 are the steal of the decade in affordable high-performance personal audio. Were it not for Yamaha’s suggestion that we give them a shot, we could have missed out on these closeted overachievers entirely, and that would have been a shame. (Digital Trends review)

Customer Reviews

  • Frank

    1 Aug 2015

    Read the long headfi thread on these and I was a bit sceptical as lots of new IEMs are coming out all the time. I bought these and a few of the other latest favourites and these are my favourites. These give such clarity of sound without compromising on the bass and mids that the others couldn't manage in such balance. Truly great IEMs.
  • Andrei

    15 Jan 2015

    Same review as I have left on Head-Fi here -

    So, I got a second pair after selling my 1st a long time ago and plugged them into my X3 tonight again for a listen. All I have to say is WOW! I cannot believe I ever got rid of these, the IEM love of my life has returned. As I've been listening to Zero Audio Carbo Tenore for the past year and a bit the EPH100s are like a breath of fresh air for me (familiar air). Bass is again back in my ears, not to say that the Tenore bass is lacking, but the quantity and the quality is nowhere near the EPH100s standard. The way that the Yams involve you in the center stage is amazing, soundstage is way above average... 3D detailing is one of the best I've heard.

    Just to mention one thing, Zero Audio Carbo Tenore come close with regards to low bass quantity when using the MEElec M6 dual-flanges.. however the quantity of sub-bass is still lacking. The control isn't quite on the same level as the EPH100 either.

    I need to reunite myself a bit more with the sound before I can add any more to this review. However, its safe to say that once you got these beauties you should never get rid of them!!
  • J Wong

    10 Jul 2014

    I ordered these after reading user reviews on Head-Fi before lunch on Thursday and delivery came Friday morning. I have been listening for almost a week now and pretty much everything users have said is true, they have clarity across the frequency range and good bass with a good fit in the ear. I can't believe they cost only this price when my Sennheiser IE80 were over double as much. They are very good IEM for a bargain price.
  • Joe Atkin

    26 Dec 2013

    The sound quality on these earphones is still incrediblely good after 11 months of use. Much better than the sennheisers I have previously owned. Also they are really tough, they have been accidentally fully submerged in water twice and the sound quality hasnt been effected at all.
  • Sarah

    4 Dec 2013

    Very nice earphones. Someone recommended these to me as my others were uncomfortable and I had to turn my music up very loud to hear it outdoors. These are much better at blocking out noise and fit more comfortably, the choice of different size tips is a nice touch. I just wish they came with a more girly case, other than that they're really good.
  • George Read

    6 Jun 2013

    Excellent earphones. Spurred on by the reviews online I took the plunge and couldnt be more impressed. For an earphone, they have stacks of bass and theyre very crisp and well defined. The next best thing to full headphones and very comfortable when fitted. They receive my full recommendation.
  • Tom

    22 Apr 2013

    Best headphones i ever brought,
  • James

    21 Apr 2013

    Where do i start, my previous in ears were the beats by dre tour. It never occured to me, that the bass eq in those headphones, push every other part of the sound spectrum, out of the way when a song demands a bass drum. This audio conditioning makes you fail to appreciate what is actually good quality audio.

    Now, on to the headphones themselves. Even though i thought at the first instance they were a bit quiet with the master volume, i understood why over a short space of time. These headphones have the clearest high and mid end of the sound spectrum i've ever heard with bass that is deep and smooth but not gainy in any sense.

    They are perfect for any type of music from the most ambient Jazz to the loudest house music available. There also really comfortable and have really sturdy build quality. Audio Affairs is one of the best companies i have ever dealt with for customer service.
  • Andrew

    18 Apr 2013

    I was looking for earphones to replace my old Sennheiser CX300s and after reading up on these on head-fi I bought a pair from this site which arrived within a day. First impressions were very good, well packaged and presented. They include a very nice zip up case to keep them safe and usefully a 3.5mm extension for the earphones along with a 1/4" jack adaptor. The cable isn't as prone to getting tangled as others I've tried and the inline cable tidy thing is useful. After selecting the right size earbuds (they include 4 sizes) I hit play and was immediately impressed. Lots of clarity, very strong bass and an open airy sound. Bass is better than I ever thought possible on in-ear phones especially when you don't want to wear full size headphones on the move. A sound purchase!
  • Mayur

    18 Mar 2013

    After reading so many positive reviews I decided to purchase a pair considering they weren't too expensive. The first thing I noticed was the excellent sound separation, I could make a clear distinction between the highs, mediums and lows. They are extremely comfortable and I have no issues with wearing them for extended periods of time. They are excellent for blocking out all outside noises. My only concern with these are that on a few occasions sound from one of the ear pieces has stopped and I feel like I may have a faulty pair cause this should not be happening after a few weeks of purchasing. Its an intermittent problem but I have a bad feeling that they are just going to pack up on me one day, this is the only reason it gets a 3 star rating otherwise it would be 5.
  • DJ Lifted Andreas

    8 Feb 2013

    These IEMs are my favourite for all types of EDM. Especially Trance.

    They have amazing clarity and definition.

    Do not regret buying them one bit.
  • Simon

    18 Jan 2013

    I'm not a Audiophile by any means, but I wanted a pair of decent earphones to use instead of the awful ones they shipped with my iTouch. After days of trawling through the net, looking at Best Product sites, reviews and magazines I came across the Yamaha EPH100. They looked very stylish, came with various accessories, were less than £100 and had received very good reviews, both expert and user.

    Opening the box I was pleasantly surprised at the build quality of these earphones. They are light as a feather but thanks to the alloy casing extremely durable. Accessory wise you get various size ear buds, an extensions cable, a full size stereo jack and a soft carry case to keep your earphones and accessories.

    Sound quality is superb, and it copes easily with most types of music, and my collection is varied! They are very comfortable to wear, very good value for money and highly recommended!
  • Tom Wigley

    10 Nov 2012

    These are by far the best ear phones I have ever used. Amazing sound quality and they are very durable - they even managed to survive going in the washing machine.

    Good quility construction too.
  • Ulf

    9 Sep 2012

    There are better headphones of course but at a very very different price. Excellent earphones. Recommended product and seller!
  • tdn

    29 Aug 2012

    These are marvelous IEMs, I chose them over $400 earphones 90% of the time. I'm a strong believe in burn in time with these, which is to say, the more I use them the better they sound. Great isolation, great ear size selection making them very comfortable and great size.

    On a side note, I'm from the U.S. And have ordered from AudioAffair several times without worry.
  • Biggers

    23 Aug 2012

    Fantastic Earphones - recommended product and seller, no fuss, quick delivery.
  • Mark

    22 Apr 2012

    Best earphones ive had by far. quality sound and a comfortable fit these fit the bill listening on the move. Almost as good as my £300 headphones which says a lot!
  • Marc

    6 Apr 2012

    These sound fantastc! The best earphones i have owned or listened to, they blow my prior CX300s out of the water. Dynamic, clear, and they block out external noise very well. A good buy
  • Huxley

    16 Mar 2012

    This is a very nice iem. Good punchy bass, forward mids and just enough sparkle to give the music what it needs.

    Insertion is very easy, though as always someone will have issues, can be worn cable up or down, which btw is a bit rubbery but it's not an issue.

    You get plenty of tips, ss/sm/m/ml/l and an extention cable.

    Isolation is very good i might add.

    The body is all alloy, and is good quality i can't see it breaking for a long while.

    These are very laid back iems, they especially love trance/edm but work well with all kinds of music, classical fans should look elsewhere perhaps the vsonic gr07?

    For the money they're a top choice.
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