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AktiMate have taken the desktop speaker market by storm since they started in 2007, and many of their models have won awards for excellent sound quality. Use these with your Mac, PC or any other music source to enjoy hi-fi quality sound.

Wireless Speakers

Our carefully selected range of wireless speakers are essentially active speakers (that is, speakers with an in-built amplifier) with the added benefit of wireless capability (usually Bluetooth), so you can stream music from your phone, iDevice or Android device. Many of these models also feature the better "Bluetooth AptX" or "Bluetooth AptX CSR" for even better wireless sound quality. You can read more about these technologies on our Bluetooth and AptX blog.

The benefit of these over non-wireless active speakers is that you can place them anywhere you have a mains socket, without needing to worry about connecting a cable to your device. Free your music and enjoy it wirelessly!

Wireless technology gives you the freedom to roam about your house, untethered from your speakers, while still being able to control your music and enjoy high quality audio. Some of our models of Wireless Speakers feature a range of additional inputs and functionalities such as DAB digital radio, meaning you can have an entire wireless system which can become the centre of your home entertainment system. We have an expert team who are always happy to recommend products or offer demonstrations.

Wireless Speakers are available in a variety of configurations, which are all suitable for different purposes. Typically, they are made as a 2.0 stereo configuration, leaving you free to position both speakers, and create a better soundstage and imaging. Alternatively, Wireless Speakers may be set up as an all-in-one unit, in which speakers, pre amplifier and power amplifier are all housed in one unit. Other models are more unique, such as hybrid tower designs which incorporate lighting and an internal subwoofer to deliver even richer audio.

Wireless Speakers which are setup in a 2.0 configuration, like hi-fi stereo speakers, will perform better on a dedicated speaker stand. This will ensure they are positioned at the ideal listening height, so the tweeter is positioned at ear level, to ensure optimum integration and coherency. Dedicated speaker stands can also aid in adding bass weight and authority, and are often fillable to add more stability and weight to do this.

Most of the Wireless Speakers we offer are amplified, also known as Active Speakers, which eliminates the need for an additional separate amplifier. The amplifier is usually housed within one of, or both of, the speakers. This means that Wireless Speakers are ideal for situations where space is tight or limited such as a desktop, as the footprint of these speakers is small. The fact that no cables are required to connect a device also eliminates the need for an excess of trailing wires, making them ideal for use as a lifestyle system where bulky separates and cables would ruin the aesthetic of the room and look messy.

Bluetooth wireless technology has improved vastly in recent years and, with the release of apt-X technology, it is possible to enjoy lossless CD quality audio without the need for wires and cabling. As Bluetooth is featured in the majority of smartphones, computers and tablets, it is easier than ever to connect your device to your speakers and start enjoying your music. Most of our wireless speakers feature in built Bluetooth, meaning you can sit back and wirelessly transmit your music to the speakers, with the added bonus of being able to control, queue and select music remotely via your device.

Wireless Speakers

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