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5.1 Speaker Packages - Onkyo

These speaker packages combine a pair of front speakers (bookshelf or floorstanders), a centre speaker, subwoofer and pair of rear speakers (usuaslly bookshelf or satellite speakers), including everything you need to enjoy cinema sound at home. Most of these are 5.1 (five speakers and a subwoofer which is the "0.1" bit), although you can add an additional pair of side-rear channels (bookshelf or satellite speakers) for 7.1 channels. All of these speaker packages need to be connected with a suitable AV receiver. For advice and the best AV package deals, please call or e-mail us.

We stock a range of award-winning Surround Sound Speakers, ranging from entry level to high-end. Our models are available in a range of finishes, sizes and configurations – ranging from 3.0 to 7.1, and we are happy to custom tailor any package to your needs. As always, our dedicated and friendly staff are knowledgeable and happy to assist with any queries or by arranging a demonstration. We offer free next day UK delivery on all our Surround Sound Systems.

Onkyo is a leading manufacturer of AV receivers, home cinema systems and hi-fi separates. Their range spans from budget to high-end products, offering the latest technology.

Onkyo is a well-established Japanese company who specialise in consumer hifi and audio visual products. With a wealth of experience. Onkyo is now synonymous with high quality design, build and performance.

Onkyo produce a range of hifi separates and speakers for music and movie lovers. From integrated, pre and power amps, streamers, network and CD players and dolby atmos speakers. All with Onkyo's famous build and sound quality.

These components offer great versatility whether your source is analogue or internet radio played over wi-fi. The great value 5.1 packages are a popular choice for surround sound setups for audio that complements your blu-rays.

Originally known as Osaka Denki, they built a reputation as an innovator researching work for pick-ups and loudspeaker chassis. The company began producing clay tonearms for record players leading to the CP100 becoming its first product.

The price tag was 3/5ths of the average monthly wage. Just two years after CP100, they created the non-pressed loudspeaker cone that revolutionised the speaker industry. Onkyo started with the structure of a loudspeaker factory designing special diaphragm materials.

Onkyo has gone on to develop many innovative solutions which received worldwide global acclaim and multiple industry awards. 1973 introduced titanium diaphragm loudspeaker and the Integra A-755 stereo amplifier.

It was at this time that Onkyo began manufacturing loudspeakers in Korea and revealed their slogan 'Artistry in sound.' In 1982, the first original CD player developed by the brand came to market. It offered automatic continuous rendition, copying in high speed and simultaneous mixing for the first time in consumer products.

They are among the first major companies to transform management practices by adopting a "simple and fast to market" philosophy. Onkyo debuted their flagship 'Reference' Hi-Fi Series in 2010 with DIDRC and began producing hi-fi separates for discerning audiophiles.

Today, Onkyo incorporates the Integra, Integra Research divisions and Pioneer. It is currently headed by Naoto Othsuki and known for sonic excellence, high-quality loudspeakers, components you would expect.

By having speakers positioned around the room, in front and behind of your listening position, Surround Sound Speakers offer an unrivalled home cinema experience – enabling you to immerse yourself in your favourite movies and TV and really feel that extra bit closer to the action. Some models use smaller, purpose-built home cinema speakers, which are easier to accommodate in the average living room and may even include wall or ceiling mounting options. However, many of our Surround Sound Systems utilise hi-fi speakers as the front and rear channels, either bookshelf or floorstanders, which benefit from improved soundstage, imaging and fidelity and can help to offer a much greater cinematic experience.

The addition of a dedicated subwoofer adds significantly better bass performance than just speakers alone. Bass is responsible for the rumble of the engine in a car chase, or the impact of an explosion in an action movie. By having a good quality subwoofer, these scenes will be more impactful and more immersive, resulting in a much better cinematic viewing experience.

Some Surround Sound Systems that we offer utilise Floor Standing speakers as the front channels – which are ideal as they can offer greater scale, soundstage and bass performance. This improves the overall coherency and stereo imaging of the system, which will help with creating the impression of immersion in the audio of your movie or TV show. Alternatively, as a compromise between space and sound, Bookshelf speakers can also make excellent front channel speakers as, while they lack the added bass of their floorstanding counterparts, they can more than make up for it with rhythm and attack, particularly as a dedicated subwoofer handles the majority of bass frequencies. Like hi-fi stereo speakers, bookshelf speakers used as Surround Sound Speakers will perform much better on dedicated speaker stands, which will position the speakers at the ideal listening height, and will prevent unwanted resonance effecting the overall sound they produce. Many models of speaker stands can be filled to add mass and weight. This not only improves the stability of the speaker stand, but can also add bass impact and authority to your speakers.

The centre speaker makes up a large amount of dialogue and mid and high frequencies – meaning that selecting a centre speaker to tonally match the rest of your Surround Sound Speakers is a must. This isn’t a worry with out hand selected range of systems as we offer bundles of speakers designed and built to sound perfect in unison with one another. Once again, a centre speaker will perform better on a dedicated speaker stand.

Please call or e-mail us for a complete AV package deal or for further advice on any of the 5.1 speaker packages that we sell.

5.1 Speaker Packages - Onkyo

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