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Custom Install Speakers

Custom install speakers include in-ceiling speakers and in-wall speakers and allow you to create a discreet music solution that sounds fantastic. We only sell premium quality branded models. You can order online, or if you prefer us to work with your project manager or for a discount on multiple purcases, please call or e-mail to discuss your requirements.

Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers are often designed for custom installation purposes, and for install when redecorating. In order to be as discreet as possible and integrate with your existing décor, many Ceiling and In-Wall speakers are paintable, and feature removable logos, meaning you can match them with the rest of your walls/interior.

In-Wall and Ceiling Speakers can be used in a wide range of applications. Some users prefer the discreet nature of custom installation speaker to full sized systems, enabling them to free their living room of wires and bulky speakers, without needing to compromise on performance. Installation speakers can also be put into non-typical environments such as kitchens and bathrooms, and as such we offer a variety of speakers which are suitable for use in damp or wet environments.

Many custom installation ceiling and In-Wall speakers use similar drivers to their full-sized counterparts, and can deliver stunningly lifelike and dynamic audio performance. Our extensive range of custom installation speakers features a number of driver sizes and configurations, so you can tailor your system to precisely meet your needs. Our knowledgeable team is always happy to assist, and we are able to demonstrate a range of Ceiling and In-Wall speakers. We offer free UK next day delivery, meaning you can get cracking with your installation!

Most of the Ceiling and In-Wall speakers we stock are stereo speakers, delivering the full spectrum of sound. However, for specialist installation purposes, or to create a discreet installation Surround Sound System, we also offer a selection of Mono Ceiling and In-Wall speakers, as well as subwoofer units which also need to be mounted in the wall or ceiling. Stereo speakers can be used individually, in pairs or in any configuration you choose. Mono speakers are always better in pairs, as they are only capable of reproducing one channel of audio.

Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers are almost always passive, and so will require some form of amplification. Custom installation speakers use standard speaker cable to deliver signal and power. As they are installed within the wall or ceiling, the cables are concealed, and so this will need to be factored in when installing some form of amplification. In multi-channel custom installation setups, a multi-channel power amplifier or AV Receiver will be necessary, but if less speakers are used a hi-fi stereo amplifier is suitable. Some models of ceiling and in-wall speakers adopt adjustable and directional tweeters or drivers, enabling you to angle your speaker to achieve optimum positioning and performance.

Custom Install Speakers

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