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Sonoma first product was the excellent Sonoma One system, its name derived from the DSD recording and mastering workspace initially developed by Sony. Warwick Acoustics created the revolutionary Model One to deliver exceptional reproduction of today’s ever popular High Res audio formats.

Warwick Acoustics was formed by several skilled enthusiasts, including David Kawakami, Gus Skinas, Andrew Demery and David Walstra, who met while working at Sony on DSD and SACD projects. Chief designer, Dan Anagnos works for WAT Ltd.

Their headphone systems are so good due to the exclusive patents held by Warwick Acoustics for their products. Starting with electrostatic panels; this High-Precision Electrostatic Laminate (HPEL) transducer which are constructed in the UK. Their systems differ from conventional thinking in that instead of employing a thin membrane with a conductive layer between the conductive grids, whereas the HPEL uses a thin malleable metalised laminate film for the “front” grid. With HPEL the shape of the insertion crafts eight separate “drum-skin” diaphragms from an individual piece of film while a stainless-steel mesh forms the back grid.

Warwick Acoustics have been able to refine the features of the ‘drum-skins’ to give diverse resonant frequencies. Each cell is acoustically autonomous, but driven in parallel. The sound combines but the liberated resonance average out, evading large resonant peaks in the audio band (as you would be evident with a single driver). The result if these technological advances is that the panels remain linear upto 60kHz, and the panels bring amazing levels of consistency and matching between the transducers, less than 0.8db difference across the channels.

The materials for Warwick Acoustics products are chosen with care and acoustic performance in mind. The M1’s housing, termed “earcups”, are constructed of injected magnesium that is a third lower in weight and features superior sonic characteristics compared to aluminium. The earpads are top-grain Cabretta sheepskin, hand-sewn in Germany, and tanned by Pittards in the UK, which has been tanning leathers since 1826. The headband is made from Nylon 12 (aka Polyamide 12). The Nylon 12 also acts to dampen noise and vibration.

The aim of Warwick Acoustics headphones is “to convey high-res audio in unmatched sound quality and to offer the best in listener comfort.” Their headphones systems take the brand closer to an eventual near-perfect headphone transducer, accomplishing uncoloured and reference-quality audio regardless of the source.


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