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Sennheiser IE800 Earphones

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The multi-award winning Sennheiser IE800 redefines in-ear headphones offering exceptional bass and treble with true clarity, capable of shaming many full size headphones.

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Condition:Brand new in original retail packaging

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Warranty length 2 Years (10 Years on registration)
Colour Black
Brand Sennheiser Headphones
Product Award What HiFi Award 5 Stars

Tech Specs

Impedance: 16 Ohms
Freq Resp: 8-41000Hz (-3dB); 5-46500Hz
Sound Pressure Level: 125dB @1V 1kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.06% (1kHz, 94dB)
Ear Coupling: Intraaural
Jack Plug: 3.5 mm stereo plug
Cable Length: 1.1m symmetrical, OFC cable
Transducer Principle: Dynamic, vented closed
Weight Without cable: 8 g
Attenuation: - 26 dB
Operating Temperature: -10 °C to +55 °C
Frequency: Diffuse field equalized

Product Description

Sennheiser IE800 are multi award-winning in-ear headphones offering unrivalled sound quality and brimming with groundbreaking technology to ensure music lovers can get as close as possible to enjoying perfect sound even on the move.

Until now, ear-canal headphones have had a reputation for limited audio quality when compared with much larger high-end headphones - The Sennheiser IE800 turns this assumption on it's head, and in terms of depth of sound and clarity of treble is able to compete with full-size headphones.

Innovative Technology

Given the popularity and demand for high-end home headphones like the Sennheiser HD650, HD700 and the flagship HD800, these high-end earphones are a welcome addition to the range. Imaging and detail are pinpoint, clear and precise, while mid-range and bass reproduction are rich and dynamic and give the impression of a much larger headphone.

The IE 800 not only boasts innovative technology but also features a modern design and high-quality materials such as a scratch-resistant ceramic housing. The high-end earphones were developed and designed at Sennheiser's headquarters in Germany, and will be produced here too.

Why the IE800?

At the heart of the IE800 are several small but invaluable breakthroughs, like the perfected extra wide band (XWB) transducer system. Flaunting a diameter of only 7 mm, it is currently the smallest extra wide-band sound transducer available in dynamic ear canal phones and promises distortion-free sound, capable of performing even at high sound pressure levels.

With Sennheiser’s state-of-the-art dampened two chamber absorbers (D2CA), ceramic housing and ergonomic, oval-shaped ear adaptors, the IE 800 is loaded with numerous ground-breaking innovations. Designed, developed and produced in Germany, it not only boasts innovative technology but also feature an attractive, yet modern and elegant design. The cable itself is a high performance pure oxygen-free copper cable reinforced with kevlar, making it a lot tougher than most cables of the same thickness. The Sennheiser IE 800 ear-canal phones made enjoying audiophile music on-the-go, a reality.

Key Features

- Dynamic linear-phase driver with extremely wide bandwidth (XWB)
- Very low overall harmonic distortion
- Ergonomic, oval-shaped ear adaptors for maximum comfort
- Two protective meshes (1 in cushion, 1 in cone)
- Effectively protects against dirt contamination and for easy clean
- Attenuated dual-chamber absorber (D2CA)
- Extremely deep, distortion-free bass
- Premium leather carrying case

What's in the box?

- IE 800 ear-canal phones
- Ear adaptor sets (5 pairs of different sizes)
- Premium leather carrying case
- Cleaning tool
- Instruction manual

Press Reviews

  • What Hi-Fi Award 2013 - Best in-ears £300+

  • 'The Sennheiser IE 800s are superbly made, brilliantly accomplished in-ear headphones. If you can justify the cost, and if your source player can justify it too, we think you’d be hard-pressed to find better. At any price.' (What Hi-Fi? Magazine)

  • 'They offer superb sonic integrity, with a perfectly proportioned weight to each part of the frequency spectrum. Rich and involving, without piling on the warmth like some headphones do, there's no mistaking the Sennheiser IE 800 for anything but world-class earphones. They're not clinical-sounding, but appear to offer the insight that only highly-analytical earphones can normally eke out.' (Trusted Reviews)

  • '...It is somewhat reassuring that the earphones they reminded of us most notably were the AKG K3003 - which cost a grand. But are these earphones a bargain? We're going to reserve judgement until we get a pair in for a proper long-term test.' (Trusted Reviews)

  • 'Delivering a huge amount of bass when required, the Sennhesier IE 800s are all about sonic detail even when passed a tricky dose of Skrillex. We tried some Apple Lossless John Lee Hooker followed by The Race by Yello on iPad: all trumpet parps and fast beats...'The tracking of the pace and sound staging was excellent and the vocal detail is clearly defined against loud percussion. In short, you’ll struggle to find sound quality like this is any in-ear headphones - or many on-ear headphones, in fact.' (T3 Magazine)

  • 'As the most expensive in-ears we’ve played with, the Sennhesier IE 800s manage to beat all comers and the closest rivals are pro audio Shure headphones with custom ear-moulds, the kind of headphones you see live musicians use during concerts. The IE 800s are more attractive and consumer friendly.' (T3 Magazine)

  • 'They scream luxury and deliver the goods from first listen. At twice the price of a very good pair of giant, over ear headphones, you’ll need to be convinced that in-ear headphones are your favoured option for commuting though.' (T3 Magazine)

  • 'Best in-ears £300+, Awards 2013. The IE 800s shine a light on Sennheiser’s entire operation. As headphones for your portable device, though, they’re probably overkill. While there isn’t much space to express the idea of premium materials, or painstaking construction or finish, the Sennheisers’ single-piece ceramic enclosures feel solid, and the relatively hefty cable resists tangling and transmitting noise. No matter what gets piped in (and we listened to everything from LCD Soundsystem’s Losing My Edge to Django Reinhardt’s You Rascal You plus many points in-between), the Sennheisers pipe it out again intact and unmolested. The Sennheiser IE 800s are superbly made, brilliantly accomplished in-ear headphones. If you can justify the cost, and if your source player can justify it too, we think you’d be hard-pressed to find better. At any price.' (What Hi-Fi Magazine Awards October 2013)

  • 'Open, detailed, dynamic and utterly faithful sound...unfazed by any genre of music...beautifully built.' (What Hi-Fi? Magazine)

Customer Reviews

  • meddlesomeone

    29 Apr 2014

    Was looking for a pair of iem to go with my Astell and Kern AK120 Titan, been using a pair of klipsch x10 iem that sounded excellent (maybe a little top heavy on the bass for me). Surfed the net for ages reading users comments on various phones from Westone 4r to the very pricey AKG K3003i, then i saw these beauties. Been quite a fan of Sennheiser phones in general for a long time but mainly over the ear style. £600 is a lot of dosh for a pair of iem but the players £1300 so you got to complement it !. Ordered the phones from these guys and they came next day... plugged them in... WOW !!! had a 24 / 192 khz bit version of legend by Bob Marley going through them followed by Pink Floyd's Darkside Of The Moon and then The Wall and lastly a bit of Daft Punks Random Access Memories, get the fit of the ear buds right and these babies are the dogs nuts my friends!!
  • Luke B

    18 Jan 2014

    I received my ex-display IE800's yesterday which were spotless and good as new! and after a long nights testing I can already say they are the best IEM that I have used to date, they almost sound as good as my favourite over head phones the Audeze LCD-2 which is quite amazing.

    They are very comfy to wear and they're sound signature is non fatiguing (to me anyway) I could listen to these for hours no problem, saying that they still have plenty of attack when the music calls for it and the bass is incredible for an in ear phone, they seem to have a lot of sub bass, again reminds of the bass I get from my LCD-2's and although the bass is strong it doesn't effect the mids which are superb, vocals are definitely a strong point with these phones.

    I have tried them through my laptop and android smartphone and they sounded good through them but not excellent, so on later I tried the through the headphone socket on my Audiolab M-DAC and that was a big improvement in all respects they really started to sound top class, but me being me I wanted to experiment further after realising that they do seem to scale, so I tried them on my valve amps headphone socket which is fed by a musical paradise valve dac and again there was another good improvement, not as big as the one from the laptop to the M-DAC but vocals and soundstage improved noticeably, vocals and instruments are now very realistic and certainly up there with the best phones I've tried over the years and the soundstage is excellent for IEM's with a perfect centre stage and instruments clearly defined on both sides.

    I had read on various forums before buying them that amping doesn't make much difference to these phones but I found that it does make quite a big difference as does the source, taking the sound quality from very good on say a laptop or smartphone to an almost breathtaking performance on my valve setup which for IEM's is surprising as the other pair of in ears I have at present the Musical Fidelty EB-50 which are very good phones to be fair! but they couldn't handle the signal from my valve amp at all and sounded dreadful! but the IE800 handles it with ease and sound superb in fact with some types of music I already prefer them to the LCD-2's which cost way more ££££.

    As you have probably guessed I'm very happy with the IE800's as the compliment my LCD-2's nicely and I doubt I will be buying anymore phones for quite a long time which is good for my now depleted wallet and I will be selling my Hifiman HE-6's as I prefer the sound signature of the IE800 over them, now that I wasn't expecting at all!

    Anyway I'm rambling so I'll rap it by saying that they are excellent allround phones that play most types of music very well and although there cost is enough to make you cry they are well worth IMO if your after the best sound possible. I look forward to many hours of enjoyment from them and thanks to Audioaffair for delivering them so quickly.

    Well done Sennheiser!
  • Cheznous

    27 Jan 2013

    Bought from Audio Affair just last week.
    So far I am very impressed.
    I have been using Westone 4r previously, great by the way.
    The Sennheisers are much smaller and fit from below unlike the Westone and Shure 535 models.
    Used with the Astell & Kern AK100 and lossless files they sound superb.
    As an owner of the HD800 I knew these would be good.
  • Simon Gibson

    17 Nov 2012

    I have been using the Sennheiser IE800 earphones for nearly a week. They are in a class of their own. It is amazing that such range and detail can be achieved from an in-ear technology. The build quality is excellent and they are very comfortable to wear with a choice of mesh lined buds. Although they are very expensive, they are worth any penny. I also own Shure SE535 which are very good but are left in the dust by the IE800's.
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