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Portable Radios

All of these radios are portable (either featuring an included rechargeable battery or otherwise), allowing you to enjoy great sounding music in your garden, in the park, on the beach or anywhere else you care to take it. Depending on the model, you can enjoy DAB/FM radio or music from your Bluetooth enabled device.

There are two key types of Portable Radios. The first are full size, and include speaker(s). These models of radio feature an internal rechargeable battery, allowing for them to be moved around and used anywhere that has a radio signal – whether that is around the house or even in the garden. Some of our full-sized radios also offer the option of adding an additional battery pack (available separately), adding portability and enabling you to use these radios around the house and on the move.

Alternatively, there are a range of Portable Radios which are truly portable – pocket-sized models designed and optimised for use on the go. These radios will also typically use rechargeable batteries, allowing for you to charge your radio from the mains when not on the move.

A key benefit of this particular type of Portable Radio is the flexibility it offers in terms of where and how you use it. These models typically do not feature internal speakers, and are designed to be used with a pair of headphones. While headphones may be included, you are able to use a wide range of earphones and headphones to suit your taste and requirements, and can even connect your radio to a hi-fi system or external speakers to enjoy your favourite shows and broadcasts out loud.

This section includes a range of Portable Radios, and may contain a wide range of different features. Many of our models will feature DAB Digital Radio coverage. DAB is becoming the standard of choice, and was introduced to offer higher quality, better sounding audio. DAB signals were introduced to eliminate the issues of analogue crackling and the need to constantly retune your radio to achieve the best sound quality. DAB Radio is much less prone to interference affecting the quality of your audio signal, is significantly easier to tune in to, and also offers a range of other benefits such as song and station information visible on a dedicated screen or display.

A key benefit of DAB Radio is choice. At present, FM radio spectrum is overloaded with stations and information, which is why issues of hearing two stations simultaneously were common with FM radio signals. This means there is no space for new stations. However, with DAB, due to digital signalling, there is a much greater range of stations available, and no issues with interference or crossover between channels.

Many of our Portable Radios will also offer a range of other features and connectivity, such as FM radio coverage. A key benefit of FM Radios is the prevalence and popularity of the FM spectrum – it is a well established medium, with a large infrastructure and its coverage area is greater than that of DAB Digital Radio. This makes FM Radio more suitable for a range of areas which do not receive digital coverage or have poor coverage, and therefore a more versatile medium and product.

Portable Radios

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