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FM Radios

All of these radios include FM reception, which is ideal if you are unable to receive DAB or simply prefer FM (some models here also include DAB, Bluetooth and other features). We also sell a complete range of DAB radios, Radios with Bluetooth and WiFi and Internet Radios.

Despite the popularity of DAB Digital Radio, Internet radio and all other mediums of broadcast, FM Radio is still significantly the most popular medium of enjoying radio shows and channels. All of these radios include FM reception - ideal if you are unable to receive DAB or simply prefer FM (some also include DAB). We also sell a complete range of DAB radios and full size hi-fi Tuners. All of our in stock products include Free UK Next Day Delivery.

The UK government announced plans to conduct a digital radio switchover, and to remove the FM spectrum from use. However, these plans are based on Digital Radio usage exceeding that of FM Radio, as well as Digital Radio coverage being as widespread as that of FM. Both of these conditions are quite far off being an actuality, meaning that for the foreseeable future, FM Radio continues to be the future of radio, and the medium of choice.

This section consists of FM Radios which are capable of playing FM stations and signals. Many of these radios may have other functionalities, such as AM, DAB Digital Radio or other functions such as iPod support or an auxiliary input.

A key benefit of FM Radios is the prevalence and popularity of the FM spectrum – it is a well established medium, with a large infrastructure and its coverage area is greater than that of DAB Digital Radio. This makes FM Radio more suitable for a range of areas which do not receive digital coverage or have poor coverage, and therefore a more versatile medium and product.

Many FM Radios feature alarm clock features, making them suitable for use as a versatile bedside unit, or even for use in a kitchen where a timer is needed for cooking. We also offer a range of portable FM radios, allowing you to listen to your favourite shows and broadcasts on the move – whether that is around the house or out on the go. Some of these models are simply larger radios, which can operate on battery, meaning you can use them freely around the house or in the garden. The other type of portable radio is a truly compact and pocket size design, to be used with headphones, and ideal for listening to the radio on the move.

The majority of models we stock are amplified, powered and include an internal speaker or speakers, meaning they are ideal as a standalone unit and only require power and a radio signal to allow you to enjoy your favourite broadcasts and shows. Many manufacturers offer an additional speaker, designed to match particular FM Radios in design and size, which augment the existing internal speaker and create a stereo sound from your radio. We also offer a range of full-sized radio tuners, which do not feature speakers and are ideal for use with an amplifier and hi-fi system. These Tuners are designed to offer the best possible audio quality, and are designed for use with much larger speakers and higher quality equipment.

FM Radios

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