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DAB Radios

We sell a carefully selected range of DAB radios, including models that also feature DAB+, Bluetooth, FM reception and clock/radio features (please refer to each model for features list). You can check DAB coverage in your area here.

For many years, traditional AM, MW and FM radio signals were the only way of enjoying playback of radio material. However, much like television and the switchover to digital mediums, DAB radio is rapidly becoming the standard of choice, and was introduced to offer higher quality, better sounding audio. DAB signals were introduced to eliminate the issues of analogue crackling and the need to constantly retune your radio to achieve the best sound quality. DAB Radio is much less prone to interference affecting the quality of your audio signal, is significantly easier to tune in to, and also offers a range of other benefits such as song and station information visible on a dedicated screen or display.

A key benefit of DAB Radio is choice. At present, FM radio spectrum is overloaded with stations and information, which is why issues of hearing two stations simultaneously were common with FM radio signals. This means there is no space for new stations. However, with DAB, due to digital signalling, there is a much greater range of stations available, and no issues with interference or crossover between channels.

Today, nearly half of the population has a DAB Radio, and the government has made suggestions that at some point in the future, there will be a switchover to only digital radio signals once a particular coverage is reached. While the popularity of Digital Radio broadcasts continues to rise, and discussions of a switchover continue, most DAB Radios will also feature FM and AM functionality, providing an additional level of versatility and letting you enjoy your favourite FM and AM broadcasts.

Many DAB radios offer DAB+ functionality, allowing an even greater quality of radio playback and better audio quality. DAB+ was launched in 2006, and uses a different audio format, and offers greater error correction coding. In order to listen to DAB+ coverage, your radio needs to support this. However, if your radio set does not have DAB+ functionality, then virtually all DAB stations broadcast in standard DAB alongside any DAB+ broadcasts. This is likely to be the case until DAB+ is the digital radio standard of choice, and when all radios feature DAB+ functionality.

Many devices and other products feature Digital DAB Radio internally, such as Freeview and Sky TV boxes, all in one Hi-Fi Systems. However, a product that is designed as only a DAB Radio gives you a greater freedom of placement, and may also feature dedicated radio functions not available on other products. For example, when listening to digital radio through a Sky or Freeview box, the TV screen will need to be switched on in order to attain information from the radio station such as track and show information. However most, if not all, DAB radios will feature a dedicated display, allowing for easy display of information relating to your favourite radio channel and shows. Many models use an OLED display, which offers greater image quality, and is much more readable in darker environments thanks to a higher contrast ratio.

DAB Radios

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