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Nordost Quantum Mains Purifier QX4

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Warranty length 2 Years
Brand Nordost

Tech Specs

Dimensions (mm): 270 x 195 x 80
Weight: 5kg

Product Description

Nordost Quantum QX4 mains purifier is a revolutionary mains product which works wonders on the sound of your system - the QX4 offering even greater improvements over the QX2. The Quantum QX4 is not a mains filter or conditioner, but uses quantum technology to improve the sound of your system to a level where you will be surprised you ever lived without one. Intrigued? Read on...

Quantum technology

Quantum resonance technology offers protection against mains noise and interference which is not possible with a traditional passive or active mains filter. Quantum technology and what the quantum units actually do is quite secret, but what is clear is that they offer measurable and proven results without any negative effects. The result is a reduction in EMF noise and RFI interference, alongside an improvement in the consistency of the AC sine waveform, all done without altering the voltage or impedance.

How does QX2 compare to QX4?

The QX4 contains 4 quantum modules (in comparison to the QX2 which contains 2 quantum modules). By comparison the high performing Nordost Thor contains 1 quantum module, so performance of the QX4 should be much greater.

How to plug in Quantum

The QX4 features 2 mains sockets. You can use it with or without power conditioners and can also link more than one QX2 or QX4 together for even better performance. There is no limit to the number of these you can add to your system and performance should increase with the addition of each quantum unit. While the QX4 only features 2 mains sockets, you can plug it inbetween the wall socket and an IsoTek mains filter to add even more sockets. Greatest performance will be realised when QX4 is used with a mains conditioner. We also sell Nordost Quantum mains cables separately which are a perfectly designed match.

Sonic and Visual Improvements

Audio Affair added a QX4 to several systems in our showroom during a demonstration from Nordost and the benefits were clear. Overall, a lower noise floor was apparent, with greater sonic clarity and stereo separation. The soundstage became less muddled with better and increased dynamic range. This was heard to be the case with or without mains conditioning, but the best effects were noticed when QX4 was used in conjunction with a mains conditioner. Visually through an AV system, the same sonic benefits were clear, alongside improvements in picture definition and detail. These Quantum units contain clearly revolutionary technology and the QX2 and QX4 come highly recommended.

Press Reviews

  • The term that Quantum use to describe the action is Electro Magnetic Field Stabilisation (EMFS) which is probably as close as we are going to get at the moment to comprehending it. Inside the Thor you will find a single Quantum (QX1) so it doesn't take a giant leap of imagination to deduct that QX2 and QX4 are twice and four times as powerful and the claim, totally confirmed by my experience is that the more Quantum devices you add to your system, the greater the benefits (Hi-Fi+ magazine)

  • Both can be viewed as fundamental and critical building blocks when it comes to getting the best from your equipment - and work superbly in tandem... More Quantum, more music; it's really that simple (Hi-Fi+ magazine)

Customer Reviews

  • Malcolm Allen

    5 May 2013

    Passing the mains supply through a single QX4 unit, then into the Quantum QBase QB6, then into my CD player and amplifier ( using the same type of cables ) gave a notable improvement in overall sound quality. Going to the next stage by adding a QX4 unit between the QB6 and the CD player and a QX4 between the QB6 and my amplifier ( again using the same type of cables ) produced a serious upgrade in sound quality. Although these units are not cheap, I am delighted by the results they produce.
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