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Primare was formed in 1985 to make hi-fi components that symbolised a radical shift in how music systems were perceived, long before 'lifestyle' designs were popular. Primare have proven that excellent sounding hi-fi can also be engineered for style.

AV Receivers

An AV Receiver sits at the heart of your home cinema set-up and connects your 5.1 or 7.1 channel speaker system, screen, Blu Ray Player, DVD Player, Freeview or Satbox etc, controlling the audio and video settings. We sell a cherry picked range of models that offer the best home cinema experience. Call us if you need a package deal with speakers and cables!

Surround Sound Speaker Systems enable you to enjoy the intense and immersive sound and atmosphere of the cinema in the comfort of your living room. A typical hi-fi amplifier is only suitable for use with a pair (or maybe two) of speakers. Home Cinema Surround Sound Systems typically feature five or more speakers, and so require a special amplifier able to simultaneously power and provide signal to multiple channels. These are known as AV Receivers. 

Standing at the centre of your Audio Visual and home entertainment system, an AV Receiver offers a wide range of inputs, allowing you to have all of your devices connected at any one time. Just like an integrated amplifier, an AV Receiver features a pre amp and power amp in one unit meaning you simply need to connect your speakers and a source (TV, CD player, Blu Ray player, DVD player etc.). It is possible to switch between your sources without having to unplug anything, and experience full surround sound for all your media.

Many modern AV Receivers include modern features and connectivity options, such as networking capabilities, Bluetooth and wireless. AirPlay technology is featured on many models, and allows you to play music from a device or smartphone wirelessly directly to your AV Receiver. Similarly, Bluetooth enables a secure and high quality wireless connection from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Many models feature networking, letting you connect your receiver to your home network and enjoy streaming services such as Spotify and Napster.

Modern AV Receivers feature a range of impressive features and components, making them a much more viable proposition for hi-fi use and standard stereo playback. Some models feature a high quality internal DAC, allowing for the connection of digital sources for greater audio quality and fidelity. Some models also include a set up microphone, enabling you to optimise your speaker positioning and ensure that you create a fully immersive surround sound experience.

All AV Receivers will allow you to use at least five speakers and a subwoofer, known as 5.1 surround sound. This configuration consists of two speakers at the rear, two at the front and one in the middle as well as a dedicated subwoofer to provide bass and depth to your favourite movies. Many customers choose to create an even more immersive system by adding speakers or even an additional subwoofer in configurations such as 7.1, 7.2, 9.1 or 9.2. If you wish to use a non-standard speaker configuration such as this, many AV Receivers offer this feature, but it is important to check that yours does if you wish to add additional speakers.

AV Receivers

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