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Hi-Fi Stands

Your hi-fi will only perform at its best on a proper hi-fi stand. A purpose made stand isolates each item to minimise vibrations and interference from power supplies and sensitive components. We sell a wide range of wooden and metal hi-fi racks and stands including latest award winners. Call or e-mail if you need help finding the best rack for your system.

With many of the best hi-fi stands now being as much a piece of beautiful furniture as they are an effective support for hi-fi separates, can you really justify not giving your hi-fi system what it deserves for best performance? As we recommend spending 10% of your overall system on speaker cables and interconnects, we recommend doing the same on your hi-fi stand and speaker stands.

It may not seem like the most obvious upgrade you can buy to improve the performance of your kit, but quality Hi-Fi Stands can in some circumstances provide a substantial improvement to the performance of your equipment. Having all your equipment in one place makes operating your equipment more simple, enables you to use shorter lengths of cable, and also makes cable management much more reasonable.

A key principle in hi-fi is the separation of power supplies from other components. Power supplies produce a range of interference and mechanical noise which can interfere with the delicate and complex circuitry of your hi-fi equipment. It is for this reason that standalone power supplies are particularly popular with enthusiasts, and why separate pre and power amplifiers are considered superior to an integrated solution. This is because by separating the power supplies from one another the interference and negative effects of noise are limited and largely eliminated. A good quality Hi-Fi Stand can have a significant effect in achieving isolation which results in better sound and better performance.

Hi-Fi Stand manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure isolation between shelves and each layer of the stand, and to prevent any mechanical noise or vibrations affecting equipment on each shelf. Some stands use glass mounted on ball bearings to achieve the best possible isolation and decoupling, and ultimately the best performance from your equipment.

Most amplifier topologies and designs, particularly valve and Class A, produce a lot of heat as a by-product of producing great sound. Hi-Fi Stands come with a range of shelf gaps, enabling you to ensure suitable ventilation to make sure your kit is suitable cooled and ventilated to run and operate exactly to specification and ensure the longevity and optimum performance of your equipment.

The range of shelf heights is ideal for accommodating different equipment, and most Hi-Fi Stands will require a variety of heights throughout. An AV Receiver or Power Amplifier is more likely to be taller and require a bigger shelf gap, whereas CD players and most other separates tend to be smaller and easier to accommodate.

Other than their basic functions of holding your equipment in one place, Hi-Fi Stands can be a piece of furniture, with many manufacturers offering attractive products designed and built to a high specification. Many manufacturers use high quality materials and veneers, real hard woods for example, and we offer a range of Hi-Fi Stands to suit any design tastes or specifications. We even offer bespoke sizing should you have particularly awkwardly sized equipment or very specific requirements.

Hi-Fi Stands

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