Posted on Mon, 08 Dec, 2014
Posted by Peter


Times are a’changin’ in the world of hi-fi. More and more we’re seeing hi-fi brands take a very slight side step into the lifestyle market, bringing their core values of high fidelity sound and impeccable craftsmanship with them, to side straddle the two fields and produce something which can be loved by both markets.  And when the results look this good – we can’t complain.


Yamaha have entered the realms of the wireless music system, unveiling the  utterly unique Restio ISX-803 to the world. This is a concept piece, designed from the ground up, which involved Yamaha completely rethinking the concept of the ‘music source’ and building a system around the needs and wants of its customers, without leaving sound quality by the wayside.


What makes these systems unique – aside from their extraordinary design – is how versatile they are. They can be used with their supplied stand (which can be rested against a wall), or easily mounted on a wall (with the optional bracket), and their compact size (just 85.7mm deep and weighing less than 6 1/2 Kg) means it’s easy to lift off the wall and move room to room, if you wish to do so. The unique design means it will be at home in nearly any style of décor, blending just enough that it won’t dominate, but won’t quite fade away either.

Features-wise, it has almost everything covered. There’s a five pre-set FM tuner, alongside DAB/DAB+. An integrated (and invisible) CD player will handle your physical-source requirements (including MP3 CDs) and it features the much sort after Bluetooth Aptx technology, for high definition wireless streaming from any compatible device. If you haven’t jumped on the Aptx bandwagon, now is a very good time to do so.


It sound divine – room filling, open and clear, and the built in clock and alarm is a lovely (and very handy) feature. As is the remote control. But what we love the most about the Restio is just how accessible it is. Another successful straddling of the lifestyle/hi-fi market, making it easier than ever for excellent sound quality – in its various formats – to enter the home. The Restio is a work of contemporary art, and will slide into your interior effortlessly.

The only problem is… which colour do you chose?