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What's on demo at Audio Affair

To cater to the many demonstrations we do in our showroom every week for you guys, the hi-fi, speakers, headphones and home cinema systems we keep on demo is constantly changing as we set-up different systems for different demos and as new models arrive. After all, we advertise that you can demo any item from our website (within reason and with notice) so the equipment we keep out can change quite a bit! Having said that, we thought we’d take a “snapshot” of the current products ready to listen to in our showroom now (and we’re pretty confident this is one of the best line-ups we’ve had yet!)

Remember, this is only a sample of what’s currently on demo (complete systems) – we keep many speakers on demo and in stock ready to demo (view our full range of bookshelf speakers and floorstanding speakers) as well as a selected range of matching hi-fi separates and systems.


System 1 – Naim & KEF

Up at the front we have our reference Naim system with the superb KEF Blade 2 speakers. We were previously running a NAP250-DR with NAC252 pre amplifier, but now run a NAP300-DR (with the iconic NAP250-DR on standby so you can demo the difference) with NAC-N 272 pre and streamer. The latter is an absolute pleasure to use and using a pre/streamer in one makes perfect sense – its no surprise Naim will soon no longer be making dedicated pre amps.

This system also combines 3 possible music sources – the CDX2 for CD, the NAC-N272 for all streaming duties (Spotify, high res files on our NAS drive, internet radio, etc) and the UnitiServe covers our ripped CDs (we do also keep a Linn LP12 Akurate spec turntable on demo as a 4th source for this system to cover vinyl!) This is the very best Naim system we’ve ever heard in store and sounds very special indeed, especially with the KEF Blade 2s in the satin black finish, which we can only describe as “very Batman”


System consists of:
Naim NAP300-DR Power Amplifier (
NAP250-DR on standby
Naim XPS-DR Power Supply
Naim NAC272 Pre Amplifier + Streamer
Naim HiCap Power Supply
Naim Uniti Serve (CD ripper and storage)
– Naim CDX2 CD player
KEF Blade 2 Speakers

Of course we also keep the FULL Naim Uniti range on demo (Uniti Qute 2, Uniti Lite, Uniti 2, Super Uniti) and these are ready to demo with a choice of speakers if you prefer something more “minimal”. Additionally we have a full range of Naim’s XS range of Classic range components ready to demo as well and as passionate Naim dealers, we can help you find a system that suits your room, budget and intended matching speakers perfectly.

System 2 – Primare & ProAc

We’ve sold Primare for over 7 years now and love the sound. Usually we have their integrated amps out but this pre/power combo sounds superb and has more than enough power to comfortably drive the ProAc D20R speakers (out of shot) or alternatively KEF Reference 3 (out of shot) and Reference 5s (shown here). We also keep the absolute BEAST of a power amp A32 model on standby! Music sources are catered for by the NP30 streamer and R32 phono stage which we have set-up with an SME turntable (out of shot). This system also sounds superb with ProAc D30R speakers (also on demo but out of shot)



System consists of
Primare A34.2 Power Amplifier (with A32 on standby)
Primare PRE32 Pre Amplifier
Primare NP30 Streamer
Primare R32 Phono Stage
ProAc D20R Speakers
KEF Reference 5 Speakers
(with Reference 3 Foundry Edition on standby)

System 3 – Meridian

A recent addition to our range, we have the DSP5200SE on demo (out of shot) along with the larger DSP7200SE (shown above), both of which are high end active speakers, matched with a Meridian Audio Core 200 that handles music streaming, all of which is controlled via app on iPad. In addition to being a very different approach to high end audio with their active design, the beauty of these Meridian speakers is that they come in a huge range of colours and look stunning, a great choice for something more minimal and highly stylish (these certainly have the “wow” factor”!) If you havent heard Meridian before, youre in for a treat – they don’t sound like any other active speakers we’ve heard and are true high end audio!

System consists of
Meridian DSP 7200SE Active Speakers (with 5200SE on standby)
Meridian Processor and Pre Amplifier


System 4/5 – Linn Majik & Akurate

Our 4th and 5th systems are combined in a single rack and are split into a full Majik system combining the wonderful DSM amplifier+streamer with optional Majik 6100 power amplifier along with Majik 140 floorstanding speakers (out of shot). The 5th flagship Linn system consists of Akurate Exakt DSM amplifier+streamer along with Akudorik speakers. This is matched to the LP12 Akurate spec turntable, making this the ultimate Linn system we’ve had in store that caters for both streaming music and vinyl. Whether you’re an existing/past Linn customer or not, you have to hear this system, it sounds incredible!



System 4 (Linn Majik system) consists of:
Linn Majik 6100 Power Amplifier
Linn Majik DSM Amplifier + Streamer
Linn Majik 140 Speakers

System 5 (Linn Akurate system) consists of
Linn Akurate Exakt Akudorik System
Linn LP12 Akurate Spec Turntable
Linn Lingo Power Supply

System 6/7 – Icon Audio systems

In addition to the above, we have several Icon Audio systems on demo and while we didn’t get chance to photo them along with the above, our favourite current setups are:

System 6
Icon Audio MB845i Monoblok Power Amps (Pair)
Icon Audio LA4 Pre Amplifier
ProAc D30R speakers

System 7
Icon Audio Stereo 60 Amplifier
ProAc D20R speakers


Headphones Bar 

Since its launch several months ago, our headphones bar has been incredibly successful and we now have the FULL Grado, HiFi Man, Oppo ranges on demo along with a wide range of complimenting headphone amps.


Headphones on demo now
Abyss AB1266
Grado SR325e
Grado RS1e
Grado PS500e
Grado PS1000e
HiFi Man HE400S
HiFi Man HE400i
HiFi Man HE560
HiFi Man Edition X
HiFi Man HE1000
Oppo PM1
Oppo PM2
Oppo PM3
Sennheiser HD700
Sennheiser HD800
Sennheiser HD800S
Sennheiser Momentum (new 2.0 range)

…plus many others in stock available to listen to by appointment (view our full headphones range)

Headphone Amps on demo now
Audiolab M-DAC
Burson Conductor
HiFi Man EF-6
HiFi Man EF-100
Meridian Prime
Quad PM1
Sennheiser HDVA600
Sugden HA4

…plus many others in stock available to listen to by appointment (view our full headphone amp range)

Click here to read more about our headphone bar.

SoundBar AV Demos

We cater to most of our AV demos upstairs by appointment (our favourite current set-up being the Yamaha RX-A3050 and KEF T305 5.1 system), but downstairs is where the magic happens for soundbar demos. We currently have the smashing new yamaha YSP-1600 MusicCast soundbar on demo and the other MusicCast models are arriving now, so soon we’ll have a fully networked Yamaha multi room system on demo, along with the Yamaha WX-030 and ISX-80 speakers. For now our soundbar demo area consists of…


3 Favourite soundbars on demo now
Q Acoustics Media M4

Yamaha YSP-1600

Yamaha YSP-2500

We also have a recent addition of a full 5.1 reference system upstairs (consisting of Grandview screen, JVC projector,
Anthem’s latest MRX720, Oppo BDP-105D, KEF T-series speakers, etc – more info and photos coming on this soon).

Active Speaker Demos

In addition to soundbars, where would we be without a selection of fantastic active speakers and desktop speakers?! If you can’t fit a full separates hi-fi system in at home – or even speakers on dedicated stands (although we always recommend this!) then one of these is a fantastic choice.

Active speakers on demo now
Naim Mu-So

Audio Pro T3

Yamaha NX-50

…we also have on demo our great value Yamaha NX-50 with Elemental USB turntable (vinyl replay for only £249!)

In addition to the above, we have many more hi-fi separates on standby and ready to demo, alongside a huge selection of hi-fi accessories, cables, stands and radios, all ready to listen to and experience in store.




Most importantly and last but not least – we’re a welcoming hi-fi store and we’re incredibly friendly! Unlike some stores with staff that are fussy, snobbish or downright rude when it comes to hi-fi, we‘re simply here to show you how it works, offer advice if you ask for it and leave you to have a really good listen – try us and we guarantee we’ll do our best to make it your best ever hi-fi store visiting experience!



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