Posted on Wed, 07 Mar, 2018
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Wharfedale DS-2 compact desktop speakers continue the legacy of the hugely successful DS-1 model, bringing big sound to a compact package.

Wharfedale’s DS-1 compact speaker system was a hugely popular model for Wharfedale. Coupling a small, compact size with inbuilt amplification, and great connectivity, along with a bargain price; the DS-1 flew off the shelves.

Never ones to rest on their laurels, Wharfedale has just launched the successor to the DS-1, the logically titled, Wharfedale DS-2…

Wharfedale DS-2 White

A Compact Problem Solver

Small is often beautiful; whether it’s on your desk in the office, a spare room, or perhaps a portable solution for meetings and presentations, a compact pair of powered speakers fit the bill.

One of the problems with many compact, self-powered speakers, is that they’re designed with convenience first and sound quality second. We’ve all heard those awful Bluetooth speakers before, chucking out a mess of sound that couldn’t be further from the Hi-Fi standard we all hold dear.

The Wharfedale DS-2 compact desktop speakers are engineered from another perspective entirely; bearing the name of one of the progenitors of Hi-Fi, and some say the originators of the two-way speaker as we’ve come to know it, Wharfedale know a thing or two about making loudspeakers!

A true, two-way Hi-Fi design, shrunk down and miniaturised (the DS-2 stand only 19cm tall), you’ll benefit from Wharfedale’s incredible expertise of producing exceptional loudspeakers with phenomenal “bang for buck”.

Wharfedale DS-2

Anyone familiar with the previous Wharfedale DS-1 will instantly recognise the design; the Wharfedale DS-2 is very much an update and evolution of the previous design. What is immediately striking, is the classy new aesthetics, available in a choice of either gloss black or gloss white.

Looking very much like miniaturised versions of the company’s hugely popular Wharfedale Diamond loudspeakers, the Wharfedale DS-2 feature curved cabinets a high gloss finish and smart, contrasting side panels finished in leatherette. Beauty, however, is more than skin deep, thanks to proper Hi-Fi engineering on the inside…

Wharfedale DS-2 black

A genuine two-way speaker design, the Wharfedale DS-2 features a genuine 30W RMS stereo power amplifier, built in. The onboard amplification drives a 7.5cm mid/bass driver which features a woven polypropylene cone. This is paired with a quality, 2cm silk dome tweeter for true Hi-Fi performance.

Once again, proper Hi-Fi design can be seen with the DS-2’s bass-reflex cabinet construction; rear-firing ports are located at the back of the speakers for great low-frequency performance. Those all-important drivers are protected from the rigours of day-to-day life with rugged metal grilles.

Connection Convenience

Connecting your audio sources to the Wharfedale DS-2 is simplicity itself, thanks to easily labelled connections, controls and the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity. The right-hand speaker houses all the amplification and controls, with the other a “slave” speaker.

In response to customer feedback, Wharfedale has re-positioned the control and connection panel to the side of the DS-2. This makes connections (either via 3.5 mm analogue or Bluetooth) and volume adjustments a doddle.

For fuss-free, great sounding convenient music, anywhere you need it, the Wharfedale DS-2 compact powered speakers are a “must-have”.

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