Posted on Tue, 28 Nov, 2017
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Wharfedale Diamond 230, 240 and 250 floorstanding speakers offer tremendous “bang for buck” with high performance and affordability.

Wharfedale’s legendary Diamond series of loudspeakers have been thrilling listeners for over 30 years; their unique combination of great affordability and high performance has made them the “budget” speaker to beat for a long, long time. At Audio Affair, we currently have the last stocks of 230, 240 and 250 series diamond floorstanders at a never to be seen again discount.

Let’s remind us, one last time, about what it is that makes the Wharfedale Diamond series speakers such a great buy…

The Wharfedale Diamond legacy

The Wharfedale Diamond series has been the “go to” range of speakers, for over 30 years, for anyone looking for great performance on a budget. Competition in this market segment is fierce, and hence manufacturers such as Wharfedale invest great sums of research and development into making series such as the Diamond unfeasibly good for the money.

The added benefits of economy of scale, also make speakers at this price point outstanding value; you really will be surprised what your money buys you in today’s marketplace. With the Wharfedale Diamond 230, 240 and 250, that’s currently never been truer.

At Audio Affair we often have incredible deals on the Wharfedale Diamond range. Our connections with Wharfedale allow us to offer brand new, legacy product lines at a price which offers “grab it before it’s gone” value for the budget minded Hi-Fi enthusiast.

Wharfedale Diamond 230

The Wharfedale Diamond 230 represented the “entry level” floorstanders in the Diamond range; there was nothing “entry level” about their performance, however. Earning numerous accolades from the Hi-Fi press, including a full “five-star” review from What Hi-Fi, the Diamond 230’s have always been a strong performer.

Wharfedale Diamond 230

What Hi-Fi wrote that the Wharfedale Diamond’s powerful presentation, “isn’t at the expense of agility, either – the 230s are saturated with decent helpings of drive and punch. Their neutral tonal balance is convincing, the bass deep and powerful, and the treble clear and accurate”.

A 2.5 way design, the Wharfedale Diamond employs the signature, Wharfedale Diamond, woven Kevlar cones in the 165mm drive units. The two mid/bass drivers are joined by a 25mm soft-dome tweeter, all of which are mounted in a nicely finished cabinet featuring a floor-firing port. The latter of which reduces port “chuffing” noise and allows for easier and less critical room placement.

Wharfedale Diamond 240

Moving up in the range, we find Wharfedale’s Diamond 240 floorstanders; the 240’s have always been a popular “sweet spot” within the Wharfedale Diamond range, and with the current discount that’s set to be ever truer. A fully fledged, three-way design, the Diamond 240 utilises two bass drivers coupled to a mid-range driver and a 25mm soft-dome tweeter.

Wharfedale Diamond 240

As one would expect, bass response is enhanced, reaching down deeper than the Diamond 230’s to 35Hz; the Diamond 240’s are definitely the choice for those who look for a deeper, more extended low-end as well as the high-fidelity we’ve come to expect from the Wharfedale Diamond range.

Wharfedale Diamond 250

Topping the Wharfedale Diamond 200 range is the Diamond 250; challenging conceptions of a “budget” speaker, these are floor-standing speakers which would be at home in any serious Audiophile’s setup. Two 200mm bass drivers, a 130mm mid driver and a 25mm soft dome tweeter complete an impressive array of high-quality drivers.

Wharfedale Diamond 250

With deep extension from 25Hz to 20kHz and quality construction throughout, the Wharfedale Diamond 250 loudspeakers are “flagship speakers” at a never to be repeated again price point. Grab them now whilst you still can, as once existing stocks are gone, they’re gone!

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