Posted on Mon, 20 Mar, 2017
Posted by Bob

Need a pair of bookshelf speakers on a budget? Looking to build your first ‘proper’ Hi-Fi system? Upgrading the clunkers which came bundled with your all-in-one system? Seeking a solid performer for a spare room?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these, the answer is (and has been for over 30 years) The Wharfedale Diamond.

For today’s Blog we’ll be looking at the Wharfedale Diamond 225.

Whafedale Diamond 225 big


Introduced over 30 years ago, The Wharfedale Diamond range was, and still is, a speaker which punches well above its price-point. Benefiting from economies of scale, and ‘trickle down’ technology from its pricier and more rarefied stablemates, the Diamond is a legend in its own lifetime. For a detailed history of the Diamond series, check out Peter’s blog from 2014.

Introduced in 1981 – the Diamond series benefited from Wharfedale’s adoption of then cutting edge, laser holography technologies, to analyse the movement of loudspeaker diaphragms. Wharfedale themselves being no strangers to Loudspeaker design, having started in 1932, introducing the world’s first two-way loudspeaker in 1945!

The current Diamond Series – the Diamond 200 – builds on 30 years of development. Comprising of eight sub-models within the Diamond 200 range: Bookshelf speakers (210, 220, 225), floorstanders (230, 240, 250) & dedicated centre channel speakers for surround setups (220C & 240C).

Diamond 200 group


The Wharfedale Diamond 225 is a new addition to the Diamond range, and sits above the Diamond 220 as the largest ‘bookshelf’ type speaker in the Diamond range. Utilising a larger, 165mm diameter bass driver, with larger magnets compared to the Diamond 220’s 130mm unit; the Wharfedale Diamond 225 features a welcome and highly usable low frequency extension, down to 40Hz.

As per the other units in the Diamond 200 range, the Diamond 225 benefits from Wharfedale’s Kevlar woven cone drivers, a technology handed down from Wharfedale’s flagship ‘Jade’ series Loudspeakers. A 25mm soft-dome tweeter accompanies the main woofer, loaded into Wharfedale’s improved enclosure for the latest Diamond series.

The speaker cabinet is constructed from a stiff, dense composite of MDF and fibreboard, with a slit style reflex port designed to reduce port turbulence and bass distortion. The cabinets themselves are finished in an attractive, black, high-gloss lacquer, which should look at home in any modern setting.


The Wharfedale Diamond 225 offers a nominal impedance of 8ohms with suggested amplifier power ranges of 25-120W. This makes them a comfortable pairing with most any modern stereo amplifier or AV receiver. Whilst we’re talking AV, The Wharfedale Diamond 225 makes a great choice for surround speakers.

That extra low end extension should add some extra ‘punch’ to those Hollywood Blockbusters. A pair of Diamond 225 as a main stereo pair with the addition of the Diamond 210 and 220C as satellite and centre channel speakers respectively, would make a superb entry point into building a quality AV setup.


At this price point (RRP – £249.95) there is little which drives as hard, and goes as low as the Wharfedale Diamond 225. Many people’s first experience of proper, two-channel Hi-Fi was a system built around Wharfedale Diamond loudspeakers, and with this latest addition to the range, I’m sure many people’s first speaker purchase will now be the Diamond 225.