Posted on Fri, 25 May, 2018
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Emotiva RMC-1 AV Processor represents Emotiva’s forthcoming flagship A/V processor with professional specs at an accessible price-point.

It’s been a hot topic on the A/V forums, but we can confirm that Emotiva’s 16 channel A/V behemoth is coming soon! With Emotiva’s current reputation for producing products with exceptional bang-for-buck, this is a highly anticipated product indeed!

Let’s dig into the specs and get the lowdown on this sixteen channel A/V powerhouse!

Emotiva RMC1

Emotiva RMC-1

The RMC-1 A/V processor will sit at the top of Emotiva’s range of acclaimed Hi-Fi and A/V components, as a flagship A/V processor. The RMC-1 has the potential to be a colossal game changer within the A/V industry for its phenomenal combination of features, specification and price.

Up until now, the serious home A/V enthusiast has had a difficult decision if they were looking for a professionally featured A/V Processor. Thus far, the choice has been repackaged A/V Receivers with professional aspirations, or full-on commercial grade units which cost as much as a new car.

Now, with the Emotiva RMC-1, that could all be set to change; a sixteen channel A/V processor with professional specifications and connectivity, at a price attainable to the serious home A/V enthusiast. The phrase “game changer” is somewhat hackneyed, but the RMC-1 could well be just that…

A Thoroughly Modern A/V Processor

Well, kids, I can promise you that you will never see another analogue video connection on an AV processor or receiver from Emotiva. Analog video is dead and good riddance. I can’t remember the last time I need an S-video jack… oh wait, for my 1995 laser disc player!! I need to re-watch Top Gun!! If analog video support is deal breaker for a state of the art AVP, then you’ve come to the wrong place.
All 16 channels are fully balanced in to out. That is, it contains 16 fully differential gain paths with balanced DAC’s, volume controls, etc. etc. It’s super sweet!! – Dan Laufman (President Emotiva)

The above quote, directly from Emotiva’s president, Dan Laufman, really does sum up the ambitions and aspirations for the RMC-1. This is a no-nonsense, take no prisoners, flagship A/V Processor. Whilst pre-release information is still somewhat sparse, here’s what we definitely know about the RMC-1…

Impressive Audio and Video Specifications

The RMC-1 boasts 16 fully balanced channels; that’s right, sixteen discrete analogue outputs on fully balanced XLR connections. What’s more than that, the analogue signal path is fully balanced from input to output. Truly professional specifications, but as we’ve already said, at an accessible price-point by comparison.

Of course, any A/V processor must boast full featured and high-quality digital connections and processing. The RMC-1 doesn’t fail to impress here, either. Twin Analog Devices Sharc dual-core, 450 MHz DSP engines handle processing duties, whilst AKM AK5572 Verita 32-bit 768k converters take care of A/D duties. D/A conversion is provided by AKM AK4490 Verita 32-bit 768k processors.

Emotiva RMC-1 Rear

Dirac Live room correction ensures perfect synergy between your RMC-1 and listening room. The fully modular system architecture makes service simple and upgrading for the future possible.

Naturally, video specifications are equally impressive with eight HDMI inputs and dual HDMI outputs provided. These support 2.0b and HDCP 2.2 ensuring theatre-like video quality from all 4K UHD HDR10 sources and equipment.

Be under no illusions then, that this is one of the most powerful, and well thought out A/V Processors to hit the A/V market in a very long time. Dedicated A/V enthusiasts take note, the Emotiva RMC-1 is coming…

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