Posted on Mon, 01 Nov, 2010
Posted by Peter

Saved up some cash to buy your favourite hi-fi lover the perfect present but not sure what to buy? There are some great stocking fillers to be had for anyone who enjoys great sounds, whether you’re looking for an original gift for the hi-fi fanatic or hoping to splash out on something with the ultimate wow factor. Here are ten gift ideas to start you off – and you can find more at the Christmas Gift Ideas shopping section.

1. Fatman iTube Carbon Mk2 Valve Amp & iPod Dock£199.95

A Christmas gift that will put a smile on anyone’s face. The Fatman iTube Carbon Mk2 is an updated version of the popular iPod dock, with slight changes to the style, a new remote control and the benefit of compatibility with the iPhone.

2. Audioengine A2 Active Speakers – £135

One of our most popular purchased speakers, a must for this Christmas. The Audioengine A2 active speaker system duplicates the signature sound of the Audioengine A5‘s in a much smaller package perfectly suited for your desktop or smaller space and includes a cable for connecting your iPod or PC – available in black or white.

3. Audioengine W1 Premium Wireless Audio Adaptor – £90

Needless to say, this is the perfect size for these stocking fillers. The Audioengine W1 is designed to connect your audio components wirelessly, a simple replacement for any RCA or 3.5″ mini-jack cable, allowing you connect a variety of equipment wirelessly.

4. AktiMate Mini iPod Active Speakers – £349

Slightly on the high end of the spending budget, but definitely worth the money if you want to impress that certain someone this Christmas. The AktiMate speakers are active high performance 2-way speakers using Epos technology and including an inbuilt 40W amplifier and iPod dock, available in gloss black, white or red.

5. Grado SR80i Headphones – £107

Suitable for someone who wants to listen to their favourite Christmas tunes – in private . The Grado SR80i headphones are upgraded versions of the popular and award winning SR80, featuring a new driver design and improved high quality copper cable, they offer stunning performance.

6. Olive 3HD Music Server – £899

Christmas is all about love, and you can’t give anymore love than giving this. The perfect entry into the spectacular world of HD music, the Olive 3HD music server is extremely simple to use and can store upto 5,000 HD tracks of 1,500 of your favourite CDs.

7. Audiolab 8000Q Pre + 8000P Power Amplifier Package Deal – £670

If one gift wasn’t enough this Christmas, why not buy someone the whole package. The Audiolab 8000Q pre amplifier and 8000P power amplifier is a perfectly matched pair, making true the dream of owning a high performance pre/power amplifier set-up.

8. Roth Audio Oli 4 Floorstanding Speakers – £189.95

This might not fit under the Christmas tree, but it would stand nicely elsewhere in the room. The Roth Audio OLi 4 is a new flagship OLi model, delivering room-filling sound for sensible money, from one meter tall, smoothly curved cabinets that each include a triple driver array.

9. Vita Audio R1 MkII DAB Radio System – £159

The new R1i is everything you could want from a stylish, compact radio, the new “Aston Martin of DAB radios”, available in walnut, black (gloss) or white (gloss). This was after all the description given to the original R1. The R1i is further enhanced and even more desirable!

10. Yamaha AV-67 Home Cinema Package – £339.95

Christmas movies are the best, and even better with this amazing package. This special AV package includes an RX-V367 AV receiver and NS-P280 speaker package, everything you’ll need to enjoy quality home cinema sound. The RX-V367 is a 3D-Ready AV Receiver featuring 1080p-compatible HDMI repeater (4 in/1 out), YPAO sound optimisation, SCENE functionality and Upgraded CINEMA DSP.

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