Posted on Mon, 27 Oct, 2014
Posted by Peter


Have you been living in a cave for the last seven years? Well if you have, we suggest you familiarise yourself with the world as it is today, because some serious improvements have been made in the technology department. Perhaps one the most significant advances is the rise of the smart phone. It took a while for the main competitors to emerge, but it happened. iPhone vs. Android – which way do you bend? Well, for now, those of us with Android loyalties are putting down are placards and turning our attentions to the latest smart newcomer: the iPhone 6.

Whether you love them or hate them, you cannot deny that the iPhone is iconic. There are very few pieces of technology that will have members of the public queuing (and camping) for days on end, just to say that they are the first to own the latest model – but iPhones seem to have that effect. And the latest edition to the family is no different.

So… are you one of the lucky people with an iPhone 6 in your pocket? And are you also someone who likes quality audio on the go? We bet that you are, music and technology go hand in hand and nothing screams accessible music quite like the iPhone 6. So, just for the new iPhone 6 owners, we have compiled a list of 5 of the best wireless speakers, which will of course be perfectly compatible with your brand new hand magnets.

Remember, all prices stated were correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change.

1. Focal XS Book Wireless 2.0 Active Bluetooth – £299

Focal XS Book Wireless 2.0

Getting this party started, we have a pair! The Focal XS Books are designed with freedom indoors in mind. With the ability to stream from any Bluetooth enabled device, these smart, futuristic-looking speakers will be a fantastic match for any smartphone, with AptX  technology enabling lossless, CD quality communication and playback, so any enabled smartphone will benefit from better streaming quality. It’s pure Focal, in terms of audio – offering fantastic balance and detail. Lay on any surface, set up the stream and enjoy.

Why do we like them?
They come in a pair, so they’re extra immersive. And very easy to set up and use. You won’t be wasting any time with your new phone – plug in, communicate and play.

Why do they like them?
A thoroughly listenable set of desktop speakers with stacks of detail and Bluetooth convenience. (What Hi-Fi? Magazine)

2. Audio Pro Allroom Air One Airplay Music System – £399


A speaker that has scooped many an-award, and dropped many-an-audiophile-jaw . It’s been around for a fair few years, but it remains pretty much timeless. Its features and benefits are well documented, from its stylish design to its flawless, room-filling sound. But it’s also the first speaker on this list to feature AirPlay, and still one of the best speakers to feature it. Set up and control is quick and easy in thanks to the extremely user friendly e Audio Pro iOS app which, of course, the iPhone 6 will support.

Why do we like it?
It’s one of our favourite wireless speakers for the sound alone, but how easy it is to use with i-products really makes this stand out. An absolute must have.

Why do they like it?
‘If star ratings were based on first impressions, this test could be over before it’s begun. It produces a wonderfully balanced, integrated sound with refinement and finesse in spades.’ (What Hi-Fi?Magazine)

3. Libratone Live – £449


Ahh, Libratone. The purveyors of some of the cutest, fuzziest and most hipster-friendly wireless speakers on the market. So quite the obvious pairing for a brand new iPhone 6, wouldn’t you say? And of course, it has AirPlay, the iPhone-friendly software, making connection and control an absolute breeze. So, it looks good and it’s easy to use, especially if you’re an iPhone person. But what about the sound? Well, thanks to it’s consistent use of high-grade components throughout, it sounds pretty bloody amazing, with FullRoom technology that literally fills the room with sound – further enabled by its cylindrical design. Don’t let that cute and funky exterior fool you – this is a serious bit of kit, with  a very serious sound. But why can’t sound be serious and fun at the same time?

Why do we like it?
We’re big fans of all of the Libratone Wirelesses. They know how to have fun. Yet still produce an amazing sound. And that’s pretty commendable. It’s not exactly packed with features, but that isn’t a bad thing when the focus is the sound. And there are so many colours to chose from…

Why do they like it?
‘The Live is stylish, well made and intuitive […] the sound needs to be remarkable – and, to an extent, it is.’ (Trusted Reviews)

4. Digital Sound Projector – £799


No, our copywriter (hi!) didn’t make a mistake. Yes, we know this is a soundbar (avec woofer). Yes, we know this is a blog about iPhone 6 friendly wireless speakers and no, we haven’t gone mad. Er. We just had to include it. Why? Because it just sounds so good. And this is our blog, so we can do what we want with it. Don’t worry, it’s streaming capabilities are outstanding too, so despite its lack of wirelessness (and portability) it will still connect to your iPhone 6 without so much as a grunt of effort and it’s Home Theatre Controller App is ever so iPhone-friendly. We know it’s a wild card, but the pairing will be perfect. And then you get to enjoy the actual surround sound and Intellibeam technology that makes this sound projector so damn good when you’re streaming, as well as a compact home cinema-style set up . It’s a win win situation.

Why do we like it?
The fact that we’ve broken every unspoken law of blog-list-consistency just to include it sums that up for us.

Why do they like it?
‘The YSP-2500’s expansive sound field, punch and scale are impressive, and it’s the most appealing solution for those that want cinema-style sound without going the full hog with a 5.1 system’ (What Hi-Fi? Magazine)

5. Naim Muso Wireless Speaker System  – £895


And we end, by Naim dropping. The Muso Wireless is – in our opinion – the ultimate match for the iPhone 6. The hottest smartphone needs the hottest speaker afterall, right? And you don’t get much hotter than the awe-inspiring Naim’s first wireless speaker. Designed completely from the groundup, the Muso is minus a muse. It’s a brand new product, derived from nothing and answering to nothing. Except to the call of a Bluetooth AptX compatible device, of course, or indeed any wireless compatible device. It features DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Technology, which enhances the quality of any audio file that passes through it. Six digital amplifiers, six hi-end drivers and an aluminium cabinet finish the job. Now all that’s left is AirPlay, to make this the iPhone’s perfect partner. It looks right, it sounds right… it’s just right.

Why do we like it?
As wireless speakers go, you won’t find much better. It is simply stunning in everyway. Siri will never stop thanking you, and neither will anyone within earshot. It’s as new as the iPhone 6 – so why not make two iconic purchases this year?

So there we have it. If you’re viewing this blog with an iPhone 6 – you owe it to your device to buy it a suitable streaming playmate.

… it was worth a try eh?