Posted on Sat, 18 Oct, 2014
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Space. It’s an issue for most of us. In an ideal world, we would all have space (and amplification) suitable for some nice, hi-end floorstanding speakers. But, alas, this is not an ideal world. There are times when buying a bookshelf speaker (or what we prefer to call a ‘stand mount speaker’, but as we said before, this isn’t an ideal world) over a floorstanding speaker.

Why? Well, we could be here all day. But the fact of the matter is stand mounted speakers are better for smaller, close quarter listening and will sound where floorstanders could be overpowering in a smaller space. And in smaller spaces, bookshelf speakers will deliver better imaging.

There is always the ever-crucial aesthetic to consider, and as bookshelf speakers are normally available with a choice of matching stands – which can really add to the overall ‘look’. You might fancy a pair of speakers in gloss black or white, but perhaps they don’t quite suit the décor. Not to worry, you can appease your loved ones and blend effectively with other furniture by choosing a pair of wooden stands the Atacama Moseco 6 for example) or vice-versa, if you choose a pair of wood-finish speakers you can match them to something like the Partington Super Dreadnoughts. Either way, you have a choice to match your space.

And of course, when stands are concerned, you can match the bass to the mounting position, something which floorstanders simply do not allow. We will always recommend filling your speaker stands, but with stand mount speakers you do have the additional option to fill them to a point where the bass response matches the room and their positioning. We recommend filling the stands half way, trying them, filling a little more, trying them, and doing this a few times until the tightness of the bass response is to your liking. There is no such flexibility with floorstanders – you can only move them to account for this and that means needing more floor space – which you won’t necessarily have.

Acoustic Energy Reference 2

Another benefit? You can get closer to bookshelf speakers. While its not ideal – unless you have some space behind your desk – you can almost use bookshelf speakers like you would near-field monitors in a recording studio. And if you’re building a study or office from scratch and can create some strong, suitably sized wall brackets, you can get excellent sound from stand mount speakers without needing to use floor space.

So as you can see, the possibilities are endless. But we know that finance can often be an issue when purchasing anything hi-end, which is why we have put together some excellent 0% finance options for your consideration, making space-saving high quality audio a reality for all.

Remember, all prices stated were correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change.

£1000 – £2500 = 12 Months 0% Finance

1. KEF R300 – £999.95

KEF R300

It’s no secret, we’re big fans of pretty much anything KEF. And their bookshelves can really hold their own in an audition. The R300s are the larger bookshelf speakers in the R-series range, standing above the award winning , the R300 delivers excellent sound, much like  its smaller brother, but there’s much more – a bigger soundstage, a bigger sound, and everything as big as you can possibly get from a KEF bookshelf speaker short of the KEF Reference 1‘s at £4500. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to fathom that these are incredible value for money!

Why do we like  them?
Our nickname for them is the ‘Baby Reference Bookshelf’. It’s essentially reference in every way but name. Reference sound, without the pricetag.

What about the money?10% deposit of £99.90 followed by 12 monthly payments of £74.93. Please contact us for more information.

2. ProAc Studio 118 – £1749


Next up, we have Pro-Ac’s Studio 118s. These stylish speakers are a suitable replacement for the hugely popular ProAc Studio 115, and are much larger than the closely priced miniature ProAc Tablette Anniversary, these are good solid hi-fi speakers with a nod to traditional styling with beautifully finished cabinets.

Why do we like them?
They’re no nonsense speakers which do everything right, especially the sound.

What about the money?
10% deposit of £107.50 followed by 12 monthly payments of £80.63. Please contact us for more information.

3. Icon Audio FRm 1 – £1099

icon audio frm1

Okay, these are wildcard for this particular list, as the more attuned of you may know these speakers are designed specifically for valve amps! But we have included them here as they’ve proven hugely popular with customers upgrading from solid state amplification to valve amps, and are a particularly excellent pairing for the models, but will equally suit other valve amplifiers thanks to their high sensitivity and ability to handle even the finest detail.

Why do we like them?
We love the sound of valve amplification, and to find speakers which can handle such delicate yet power sound is quite something.

What about the money?
10% of £109.90 followed by 12 monthly payments of £82.43. Please contact us for more information

4. Acoustic Energy AE1 Classic – £1250


Classic by name and classic by nature. Also, heritage. These beautiful speakers are the latest incarnations of the AE1 which were first launched in the 1980s. As Hi-Fi World put it: ‘Brilliantly successful remake of an iconic design; not flawless, but surely one of the most musical speakers ever made’ We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

Why do we like them?
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? These babies are just highly evolved versions of something that needed no improvement.

What about the money?
10% deposit of £125 followed by 12 monthly payments of £93.75. Please contact us for more information.

5. ProAc Response D1 – £1489

What can we say? We like a bit of ProAc! The Response D1 is ProAc’s flagship bookshelf speaker of a “normal” size (well, when compared to the taller ProAc D2 speakers), and are a wonderful looking and sounding alternative to the ProAc Studio 148 floorstanding speakers.

Why do we like them?
This is a great option if you’re after a ‘floorstanding’ sound, but don’t have the ‘floorstanding’ space, or indeed want the ‘floorstanding’ price.

What about the money?
 £148.90 (10% deposit) followed by 12 monthly payments of £111.68″ Please contact us for more information.

6. Dali Rubicon 2 – £1599


One of the (many) things we love about Dali is their ability to make a statement, no matter what the product.l A bookshelf speaker is hardly an item typically associated with flair, and yet – here we are. The Rubicon 2 is the the only bookshelf model in Dali’s new Rubicon range and as close as you can get to the Dali Epicon bookshelf speakers without actually going for an Epicon. Beautifully finished, these little bookshelves effectively distill everything that’s good about this most revered Danish manufacturer into a single speaker model.

Why do we like them?
These are always a joy to show off in demonstration, just to see the looks they bring to people’s faces! Definitely one for the audition list. They’re so much more than just a pretty face,

What about the money?
A 10% deposit of £159.90 followed by 12 monthly payments of £119.93. Please contact us for more information.

7. Acoustic Energy Reference 2 – £2100

Acoustic Energy Reference 2

Enter the References. First of… aren’t they pretty? We know beauty is only skin deep, but in this case it runs straight through to the bone! The Energy Reference 2s are the highest Acoustic Energy Reference model, sitting above both the Acoustic Energy AE1 and smaller Acoustic Energy Reference 1 speakers. Yes, they are pretty amazing looking, but these speakers deliver a big yet concise sound and fully live up to their ‘Reference’. badging.

Why do we like them?
They’re as close to studio speakers at home as you’re likely to find, especially at this price. And they’re ever so shiney.

What about the money?
10% deposit of £210  followed by 12 monthly payments of £157.50. Please contact us for more information.

£2500 – £5000 = 24 Months 0% Finance

8. Focal Electra II 1008 Be – £3045

focal electra ii 1008 be

You’ve probably heard of Focal’s Electra range: they’re rather good. And this – the bookshelf speaker in the Electra range – matches the sonic performance of the larger Focal Electra 1028Be and Focal Electra 1038 Be models, delivering an accomplished sound alongside a beautiful finish. These wouldn’t look out of place in the most accomplished of settings in any of the of three available finishes and with their matching stands, they are truly impressive. A bonus? They are just as impressively unfussy about matching amplification.

Why do we like them?
They’re versatile and will look great anywhere. We’re huge fans.

What about the money?
10% deposit of £304.50 followed by 24 monthly payments of £114.19. Please contact us for more information.

9. KEF The Reference 1 – £4500


What can we say? The new KEF Reference bookshelf speakers are hugely impressive and very deserving of their Reference title. Replacing the KEF Reference 201/2, the new Reference 1’s are a mini powerhouse in a compact and beautiful shell. These deserve an audition in store alongside the KEF Reference 3 and KEF Reference 5 models – you’d be surprised how well they hold up.

Why do we like them?
Anything that can hold its own against such a powerful line-up gets our respect in bundles.

What about the money?
10% deposit of £450 followed by 24 monthly payments of £168.75. Please contact us for more information.

£5000 + = 36 Months 0% Finance

10. Acapella Fidelio II MkIII – £6900

Acapella Fidelio II MkIIIAnd, as always, we’ve saved the best for last. And you don’t get much better than our flagship bookshelf speakers: the Acapella Fidelio II MkIII. And they have the pedigree to back them up: these beautiful speakers are from the same company who made the £238,000 Acapella Spharon Excalibur Speakers (if you haven’t heard of them, we suggest you click that link. They’re quite the sight to behold!) and various other horn driven speakers. These are dynamic non-horn speakers but they’ve distilled their hi-end experience into something that gives a beautifully elegant sound from a much smaller speaker. The finest bookshelf we’ve ever heard.

Why do we like them?
There’s a reason they’re our flagship. They’re truly stunning – and worth every penny.

What about the money?
10% deposit of £690 followed by 36 monthly payments of £172.50 Please contact us for more information

Just to reiterate, speakers are important, and spending this sort of money on anything – let alone speakers – is a very important decision. That’s why we’re here to make that choice as easy as possible. On top of that, we offer finance options, generous part exchanges and can offer audtions both in our showroom and even in the comfort of your own home. It may be hard to imagine us as anyhting more than just a website – but we really are a team of living, breathing people who are as passionate about hi-fi as anyone of you.we can offer the best deal but also back it up with good old fashioned customer service to help you feel comfortable in your decision.

And remember, if you think your set up needs it, we have a huge array of floorstanding speakers available too. And yes, the same service applies. And it always will.